Few things grip a republican’s gizzards tighter than offending Sean Hannity. That was what happened over the weekend, after Sean Hannity, on his Fox News show, suggested that the women accusing Senate Republican Candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct were lying. Keurig coffee maker instantly announced that it was withdrawing its advertisement from the Sean Hannity show.

Of course, a company has to withdraw its advertisement, once the host of the show speaks to sexually assaulted women like that.

The reaction was weird. Nonetheless, it was very indicative of how Fox viewers react to anything. Its all about loyalty with these republicans. When a company yanked advertising from Hannity, their guru, they were furious. We have to assume that they didn’t hear WHY Keurig was pulling their advertisement, or maybe they just didn’t understand. Hannity was belittling sexually assaulted victims. Strange that so many people would take Hannity’s side on that one.

As a result of pulling their ads, republicans nationwide revolted against Keurig. Hannity fans have uploaded weird and creepy videos of themselves destroying their Keurig machines. One video showed a helmeted man wearing eye-gear, pajamas and flip-flops smashing his Keurig into pieces. Another clip, showed a man throwing his Keurig down a flight of stairs. CNN

Roy Moore was accused of sexually molesting teenage girls 40 years ago, when he was in his early thirties. The crime is certainly disgusting, but it took place forty years ago. Forty years is a long time. Hannity probably assumed, he could get away with defending Moore, and any evidence would be considered hearsay.

The religious right of Alabama defended Hannity, as if some neon icon, using the same logic. For a few days, every republican politician questioned about Moore, said “He is innocent until proven guilty.” Considering that chances of these victims coming up with proof of a crime after forty years was pretty weak, I’m sure they were confident that the proof would never come.

What a slap in the face to those tormented women, who were so afraid to mention their sexual assault. No one is bigger in Alabama than Roy Moore. For forty years, they have been watching him on their television. Every pastor and every reverend in Alabama respects the “pious” Senator Roy Moore. Finally, they can not oppress their pain any more.

I bet they weren’t expecting such a reaction.

Sean Hannity, the leading news anchor in America, accuses these brave women of being liars, out to make some money! And the republican base instantly cheers him, and pledges their support.

Sean Hannity thought he was playing it safe. If she was sexually assaulted or not really didn’t matter to him, or his republican groupies. Sean Hannity assumed that the women couldn’t prove it. Why should he anger his fan base, especially so close to the election, if he wouldn’t have to?

But then, the republican base began to turn on Moore. Some of the top republicans in the country, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, suddenly changed their opinion of Moore. Suddenly, these establishment leaders were saying that Moore should step out of the upcoming Senate race!

The bottom line is that no people outside of the judicial system, have a better insight into what evidence is against Moore than Ryan and McConnell. For them to throw a fellow republican to the wolves, they must be privy to some scorching evidence.

So what do all of those republicans do now, who were throwing their Keurig machines into busy highways? Keurig didn’t want anything to do with Moore, so they pulled their advertising. Now the republican establishment is doing the same thing. Since the entire republican establishment has broken ties with Senator Moore, any Keurig bashing republican is a massive hypocrite. You can’t exile one for supporting something, but then admire another who feels the same way.

They must feel very stupid.