Within one week, news broke that five different Trump associates are guilty, are being investigated, or are being charged with crimes. Mueller’s investigation will certainly bring a domino effect. These five crooks hold no loyalty except to themselves. For every name that they give, will be one less year in the big house. Storm clouds are raging all around Trump’s head. Impeachment is inevitable. Another inevitable predicament, will be the civil war that will erupt over Trump’s impeachment. In that case, Russia will declare victory in it’s ultimate goal of destroying America.

Russia disseminated a sea of fake news across America, during the past several years. The extent of which, is being investigated by our government now. Many of their “fake news” however, was not fake and it wasn’t even about Donald Trump. Much of the stories shipped out of St. Petersburg was manufactured just to ignite American discord.

The stories were just written about what Americans are passionate about. The stories got Americans angry enough to drive a car into a group of protesters in Charlottesville and to show up armed at a pizza parlor.

According to the Daily Beast, Russia-made Facebook group United Muslims of America, was designed solely to make people angry with those of Muslim faith. Making the articles appear to have been written by Muslims, these Russian articles would be infused with Muslim threats against America. When gun-toting trailer-park hillbillies read these articles, you could only imagine the fury they experienced. In addition, these stories made the public seek out defiant and administrative leadership, like Trump. Russia will only declare victory when America is in shambles.

It doesn’t look like Trump will last too much longer in the White House. It is just a matter of time, before Trump is yanked out of there. Sure, that will be great. But it will also be great for Russia. They have no loyalty in Trump. Putin’s greatest victory will come when Trump is impeached. Only then would Putin have entirely desecrated the American democratic system.¬†Thank the fools that didn’t vote for Hillary.