Trump’s single biggest campaign point during the election was “America first”. Trump wanted to impose steep fines on companies that hire foreign workers. According to him, this was killing America. He viciously railed against companies that hire foreign workers, like Ford Motor Company and Carrier Corp. However, according to the Palm Beach Post, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago just hired 70 foreign workers. A year ago, Trump also attained foreign visas. In fact, this year, Trump attained seven more foreign visas, MSN. That is 70 less unemployed Americans who could be working at Mar-a-Lago.

America first?

Trump uses foreign visas for one simple reason. He gets to pay them next to nothing.

When Trump does stuff so flagrantly hypocritical, he only proves his critics right. A year ago, he had just got elected and it was revealed that he hired foreign visas. Astonishingly, the story wasn’t very big. I wrote about it, PoliticalHaze. I was shocked that so quickly after the election Trump would hire foreigners over Americans, proving that our president does not practice what he preached.

Would it have been such a disaster for Trump to hire Americans? Just for the time that he is president? If he just exercised the same hiring practices that he is imposing on America, that would probably have done more good than harm. The meager price difference would surely be made up in good publicity.

Instead, Trump stuck his middle finger up to the country. He can hire foreign workers but we can’t. I think this says a lot more about his supporters than it does Trump. How could someone support such a hypocrite? The only justification I can imagine, is that maybe his supporters surround themselves in an alt-right media bubble, where negative Trump stories do not go.

Remember Trump’s “Made in America Week”? For a week, America contemplated the significance of endorsing American products and staff. The fact that the person who came up with such a patriotic concept doesn’t even hire Americans, should illustrate his main intentions. Trump rose to power on these made in America ideals. Trump wanted to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. Ideally, companies can’t hire illegals over Americans if there are no illegals here. They were all tricks.