When it comes to winning elections, republicans have a few tricks up their sleeve. By far, their most deceptive maneuver is to convince their supporters that a vote for republican is a vote for Jesus. Despite the fact that the republican president has committed more salacious crimes than Ted Bundy, churches across the nation worship this false idol. The past forty years, republican politicians have fooled their poor and generally uneducated voters to accept less health benefits and education, in exchange to fight abortion. Republican voters actually vote against their best interests, with the belief that their politicians will save fetuses. But is the religious right really so ethical?

That is very noble indeed. However, republican politicians are about as religious as a pair of smelly socks. To their credit, they have no choice but to push this lie. If they don’t maintain this facade of piousness, only the top 1% would vote for them. Republicans would collapse instantly, and America would no longer be supported by a two party system.

Republicans serve the wealthy. Ronald Reagan began the trickle down scam. This was a great fabrication for the republicans, cause it justified giving money to the wealthy. Give to my wealthy republican friends, and that money will “trickle down” to everyone. Although this policy has proven not to work, republicans continue to promote this lie, WashingtonPost. It is too effective to give up. Every time they are in office they push their trickle down economics. That is all republican’s care about – giving as much money as they can to their wealthy supporters.

Republicans wouldn’t win a dog catcher election running on such platforms. No one would vote for someone who wants to take away your benefits to supply a tax break for the wealthy. However, if that same politician can convince his supporters that he stands for the principles of Christ, than (uneducated) religious people would vote for him.

If anything, Donald Trump is helping democrats by showing exactly how crooked republicans are. Take Alabama Senator Roy Moore for example. Recently he was accused of sexually assaulting little teenage girls a few decades ago, when he was in his early thirties. Of course, every Republican turned against him. Except our president. Donald Trump’s spokeswoman said that Donald Trump needs every vote possible to get his tax bill through. Hence, he endorses the accused pedophile.

Donald Trump is endorsing a pedophile to get his tax bill passed. It isn’t like Trump is trying to get through a health bill or an education bill that will help our country. The president is the only politician taking the side of an accused pedophile, so that he could get a tax bill passed, that will save him and his family millions of dollars.

Could you think up a more evil sentence!? I got a chill up my spine as I wrote that. It is the same thing as the president making a deal with the devil. The devil must have said to The Donald, ‘If you endorse this pedophile, than I will get your taxes passed.’ And the religious right support this. Disgusting!

Donald Trump justified his endorsement of Roy Moore by repeating to the press that Roy Moore denies the allegations. In Donald Trump’s orange world, denial of sexual assault allegations is the same thing as innocence.  To add an extra spin on this elaborate puppet show, Donald Trump was also accused of sexual assault. That was how Donald Trump handled his sexual assault charges, he just denied them. During the election, Donald Trump was actually the defendant in a huge lawsuit of more than ten women claiming Donald Trump sexually assaulted them.

An even more striking comparison between him and Roy Moore is a little known lawsuit involving Donald Trump, that has mysteriously dropped off the radar. I wrote this article during the election. The article is about a claim that Donald Trump viciously raped a 13 year old girl in 1995. The orgy took place at Trump’s billionaire friend’s house, Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender for life. These are our president’s B.F.F.s. She dropped the case as a result of threats to her life.

Our president said this to a 2002 New York magazine, about his buddy,

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.

As a result, Donald Trump’s endorsement of a pedophile becomes even more disgusting. Considering that Donald Trump, like the person he just endorsed, is also an accused sex offender and an accused pedophile, maybe Donald Trump feels that he would be setting himself up for further scrutiny, if he did not endorse Moore.