Trump has nominated some real gems to head the government’s agencies. High grade government positions that usually require doctorates, Trump is handing out to truck drivers and parking attendants, PoliticalHaze. Plus, the big nominations, like the Secretary of Education and the head of the Department of Health are given to people that have spent their lives fighting the very agency they now head. Although this is a very bold statement, I think his most outlandish nomination is Lynne Patton. He chose her to head Region II of the New York and New Jersey office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Her resume is completely empty, except for a single position – she was the Trump family nanny.

Patton’s online LinkedIn biography described her position working for the Trumps, as “handling all calendar appointments, scheduling, media appearances, travel, expenses, purchases, event coordination, contact/engagements, as well as home & business responsibilities.” CNN

According to the NYDailyNews, a few days ago her boss, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, said how he is going to cut $2-$3 billion in public housing. This is certainly bad news for the thousands of residents of the Housing Authority under her jurisdiction.

A lot of people got worried when they heard Ben Carson’s promise. Unfortunately, when Patton was asked what that meant for those who stand to be kicked out into the cold, she answered,

There’s no question that Region II has challenges. There’s also no question that there are programs in the past that have proven to have loopholes and such that, you know, have enabled folks to kind of take advantage of the system.

This administration is simply making sure that those loopholes are closed.

Would that answer make you sleep soundly? People are worried.

Specifically, Patton’s jurisdiction is Housing and Urban Development Region II. Spring Creek Towers just happens to be in this region. This huge privately owned complex in Brooklyn was built with federal help. In exchange for government financing, the owners of developments like Spring Creek agree to keep rents low.

Take a guess who just happens to own a chunk of Spring Creek Towers. Yup! The Donald owns 4% of the development, priced at about $25 million. Plus, the subsidies of the complex are regulated by HUD. Considering Lynne Patton’s devotion to Trump, it is doubtful that she can govern anything owned by the Trump Organization.

Few government agencies are as important to the Trump’s massive real estate empire than the Department of Housing and Urban Developments. The New York and New Jersey division, which his former nanny now controls is especially relevant to Trump real estate. Our president could never nominate his children to head that department, instead, he chose the next best thing. Lynne has worked for the Trump family most of her working life. She considers herself one of the family. She will undoubtedly do anything to help Donald Trump.