Failure of Trump’s tax bill is hinged on just three Republicans opposing the bill. And then, any chance of scoring a single legislative victory is dashed against the rocks. Shrewd businessman Trump should have thought about this before humiliating members of his own party, like Senators Bob Corker and John McCain. If those two senators vote against Trump’s tax bill plus another no, then it does not make it. Call him what you want, but a good businessman, Trump is not!

Each day, both parties discover more elements of the tax plan that they dislike. For conservatives for example, that are bent on lowering our deficit, this tax bill does the exact opposite. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget put the cost of the bill at $2.2 trillion. The Tax Policy Center estimated that it would cost $2.4 trillion.  If the tax bill flounders, that will most likely make Trump the most failed president in history.

Trump has failed at all of his campaign promises. His failure to deliver on tax reform, healthcare reform, infrastructure, deregulation may not cost him anything, but it sure will impact the Republican party bigly. Also, chances of him getting any of this legislation passed once midterm elections start in a month, are next to nothing.

Who would have thought Trump’s first term would end on such disastrous ruins. After all, republicans control every branch of Washington. Trump’s string of defeats are as a result of Republicans. On day one, Trump was supposed to strike down all of those Obama-era bills.

In the end, the biggest loser will be the Republican party.

“The GOP leaders should know, no movement on remaining agenda: tax reform, infrastructure, deregulation, etc. means no funding from supporters like me,” one angry donor said to a longtime Republican fundraiser in an email forwarded to Politico. “No meetings, calls, contributions until we see progress.”

Trump might be the leader of the Republican party, but he sure has a lot of reasons to kill it. For starters, former chief adviser Steve Bannon as well as his biggest donor Robert Mercer, despise the Republican establishment. All of Trump’s proposals on healthcare and infrastructure and taxes were ludicrous, as if Trump designed them knowing that they would fail. Political analysts contend, that his top fundraiser and his top adviser sculpted his bills to fail to harm the Republican party.

Kind of like a headline, that Trump expects Democrats to okay his wall. That would never happen. So why is he wasting America’s time with that? Because his small Appalachian base love it. They will be more likely to subscribe to Trump TV when this shit-storm of a presidential term ends.

Other analysts contend that the Republican’s failure to produce any bills might give him a boost in 2020. Trump can make himself the victim of a battered bipartisan establishment, instead of an ineffective ruler who could not get his own party on his side. CNBC

During the election, lots of Trump supporters viewed him as an experiment. Their logic was, considering the failure of republican candidates, why not take a gamble on someone who wasn’t a politician. Donald Trump made himself out to be a financial typhoon. Who better to fix our economy than Donald Trump?

The bottom line is that Donald Trump will go down in history as the most failed president in history.