The press has had a field day with Trump’s pick to be a federal district judge in Alabama. Brett Talley is causing one headache a day for our president. Trump must be regretting nominating this guy.

First, we learned that Trump’s nomination for Alabama federal judge, had never tried a case. He is a practicing lawyer. He got his law degree just a few years ago. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, let’s suppose that although he may not be a judge, he is a damn good lawyer. Even that fish doesn’t fly. The American Bar Association rated him “not qualified”. NYTimes

Then, we discover that Trump’s nominee to be a judge for life is actually married to Ann Donaldson, the Chief of Staff to White House counsel, Donald F. McGhann II. That wouldn’t be so outrageous, had he not initially selected his wife on a senate questionnaire, asking him if he had any family members who could “present potential conflicts of interest”  NYTimes. Instead, he lied.

Thus far, this guy earns a rare terrible rating from the bar, he’s already lied to the Senate, plus his wife is a harmful conflict of interest. What would motivate our president to respect him so much, to deserve being a judge for the rest of his life?

Obviously, his wife, Ann Donaldson, must have persuaded someone in the White House to hook her husband up with one of the greatest judicial jobs in the country. It is unfortunate, that we live in a country where our government hands out positions of power not on merit but rather, association.

This is just a shot in the dark – but maybe Brett Talley got nominated for federal judge because of another reason. Perhaps he impressed someone in the Trump administration with his ghost busting skills. Besides being a liar and a shitty lawyer, Brett Talley has been investigating the paranormal for much of his life.

In fact, Talley was a member of the exclusive Tuscaloose Paranormal Research Group. Check out the website, and you’ll read it’s noble quest to help “those who may be living with paranormal activity that can be disruptive and/or traumatic.” TheDailyBeast

The group’s founder, David Higdon, told The Daily Beast that,

“Mainly we may go into a house between maybe 7 at night and 6 in the morning and stay up all night long and see if we can see what’s going on,” Higdon told The Daily Beast in a phone interview, when asked about the paranormal group’s work generally. “If we go into a private house, we mainly try and debunk what’s going on.”

Talley is actually well known in the ghost busting circuit.

I reckon the scariest things about this article is that if our president gets what he wants, this crappy lawyer ghost buster will be a judge for the rest of his life. Remember what he was saying about draining the swamps?! LOL! What sucker bought that promise?