Pretend you owed Putin a lot of money. He proposes to forget about the debt if you become president and destroy America. I know it’s a fantastic hypothesis, the subject of dozens of espionage novel, like The Manchurian Candidate, but how else would you explain Trump’s presidential decisions. Each of his nominations cripple the agencies they lead. In addition, his chief advisor as well as his top donor are both anti-government. As preposterous as it might sound, the evidence is irrefutable.

Besides taking us out of the Paris Accord, which is arguably the worst environmental American decision in history, President Trump has done nothing but nominate individuals to head government agencies. This seemingly innocuous responsibility, has caused the maximum amount of damge to America. These certain individuals aren’t bad choices, they are the absolute worst choices you could make it. Before receiving their nominations, literally, almost all of Trump’s choices have spent their lives trying to destroy the offices they now head. These choices are so atrocious, you have to question the motivation to choose them. If trump is purposely trying to destroy the government, agency by agency, then he is nominating the correct people.

From Lynne Patton, the Trump family nanny, who was nominated to head a region of HUD, to truck drivers being nominated to high grade government positions in the agriculture department, Trump continues to nominate clearly unqualified individuals. High grade government positions require a Masters Degree. However, Nick the truck driver, earned his sweet position in the White House just by being a loyal Trump supporter.

The thought that Trump wants to crush the government, shouldn’t be that preposterous. After all, Trump’s previous chief strategist, Steve Bannon, regularly calls for the “deconstruction of the administrative state”.

Steve Bannon has even admitted that Trump’s nominations are designed to destroy the government.

“If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.” DailyKos

The only other person that Trump respects as much as Bannon is Robert Mercer, his chief donor. I wrote an article about this guy. Trump’s biggest donor also hates the government. According to a political analyst, Mercer

“is a libertarian—he despises the Republican establishment,” and added, “He thinks that the leaders are corrupt crooks, and that they’ve ruined the country.” NewYorker


A – Putin assisted Trump into the White House.

B – Trump’s chief advisor and chief donor both are anti-government.

C – Trump has filled important government positions with inadequate people.

Also, let’s not forget that this “shrinking government” practice, is one of the most important republican establishment ideologies. Republicans have always been advocating removing different agencies from the government’s reach. According to republicans, government is evil.

This has always perplexed me. Why would you elect someone to lead your government who thinks government is corrupt? That is like getting a French chef who hates French food. Republicans want government to surrender some of their powers so their big business donors could profit off of them. The rich control the republican party. Republicans shield their corruption behind that “trickle down” scam. Give money to my wealthy buddies, and it will trickle down back to you. According to this golden rule, republicans are justified in serving only the top 1%. If the wealthy are good than everyone is good. Many tax paid benefits of government, like the operator and public schools, are potential gold mines to the person who contributes the most to republican politicians.

For example, Trump’s pick to head the NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is another terrible mistake. I wrote an article about Barry Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, a direct competitor of the NOAA. Both deliver weather forecasts to the public. However, the NOAA is free and more accurate. Barry Myers has been trying for years to pass legislation that would dismantle the National Weather Service, so that the public would have to pay money for his services. PoliticalHaze1

All republicans do in office, is try to shrink government and reduce people’s dependency on government. The real kick in the ass, is that republican voters are the ones MOST dependent on government. These are the morons electing people bent on removing their food stamps and housing accommodations.

But after accounting for the impact of federal anti-poverty and income-support programs—including Social Security, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (known formerly as food stamps), Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (generally described as welfare), and the earned-income and children’s tax credits—6.2 million of those non-college-educated white adults were raised above the poverty line. That reduced their poverty rate to less than one in seven, and meant that government benefits lifted fully 44 percent of otherwise poor, non-college-educated whites above the poverty line. TheAtlantic

Look at what Trump has done to the State Department. Few agencies are more important in the global scene than the State Department. However, under Trump, the State Department is like a ghost town. In Trump’s first nine months, he has nominated 55 ambassadors. This number is significantly less than Obama or George Bush, at this point in their terms. Out of those 55, only 25 have been confirmed. As a result, America is lacking resources to resolve crisis in many places around the world. ABC

Every agency across our government has been handed to people like Barry Myers, that have devoted their lives to taking down the very agency they now head.

  • Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, was a coal lobbyist before.
  • Betsy Devos, Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Educatin, was a big proponent for charter schools before.
  • Sonny Perdu, Trump’s nomination to be Secretary of Agriculture, was a CEO of one of the biggest global agribusinesses.

  • Wilbur Ross, Trump’s nomination for Commerce Secretary, owns a number of coal companies and also has business ties directly to Putin.
  • Andrew Puzder, Trump’s initial choice to be Secretary of Labor, who didn’t get it because he hired undocumented housekeepers.

One bad choice would be something else, but what if all of his nominations pose severe danger to America? Is that a coincidence or masking nefarious intentions?

God, help America.