Republicans are proving that they really can’t do anything right. For years, they vowed to kill Obamacare, but when they finally take control they can’t even spell it, let alone kill it. It seems that they do everything half-ass. They have to sculpt all of their legislation to appease their alt-right gun toting loyalists. But such legislation would quickly be rejected by the rest of America. Hence, they are damned if the do and damned if they don’t. They put themselves in this box. Their frivolous promise to get rid of tax loopholes is really nothing different – more of the same republican hypocritical dribble.

Allowing republicans to rewrite the nation’s tax code is like letting your five year old kid perform your colorectal surgery. Yesterday’s article, I contended that Trump doesn’t expect this tax code to pass. After all, if he really wanted it to pass, you’d think he would make it less beneficial to him and more beneficial to America’s middle class.

Republicans have been vowing to close tax loopholes. That sounds really good. Almost as good as the infamous “trickle down economics”. Both insincere terms are meant to convey that wealthy republicans are not getting such a good deal. After all, loopholes are legislative addendums meant to save a very specific demographic some money on their taxes. Loopholes are rewards people get for making political contributions. When republicans vow to get rid of loopholes, it contradicts that crooked image society has of money hungry conservatives.

Naturally, when people hear that republicans would be closing tax loopholes, they are impressed. If they are sealing those loopholes for their wealthy buddies, could it be that the republican tax bill is really meant to help you and me? Of course not. Just some more conservative smoke and mirrors.

Turns out that among all of these loopholes that republicans intend to discard, one that they will leave snug in its place is the golf deduction. The House version of the tax bill allows golf-course owners to claim some stupid deduction “for promising never to build on their links.” Bloomberg

Of course, republicans voters won’t be bothered by this. Though, I wonder how they would feel if Obama kept a loophole saving people money whose last names began with Ob. There is no difference. Considering that Donald Trump owns a dozen courses in America, this loophole saves him a truck load of money.

I guarantee, Donald Trump is very familiar with this tax loophole – which makes it even more confusing that he would keep it. Our allegedly wealthy president, vows to eliminate tax loopholes, but knowingly keeps the ones that enrich him.

In 2014, Obama estimated that getting rid of  Trump’s golf loophole would save more than $600 million over a decade. Both sides of the aisle realize what a racket this loophole is. A few months ago, Republican Senator Jeff Flake listed Trump’s golf loophole in a report entitled, “Tax Rackets: Outlandish Loopholes to Lower Tax Liabilities.” Bloomberg

It should disgust every American that our president, Donald Trump, according to Forbes magazine, one of the wealthiest people in America, continues to rob from the American tax payer. I imagine getting rid of a tax loophole that saves him googles of cash, would get him some very needed good publicity. I guess stealing from me and you is more important to our president.