Danica Roem shocked America on Tuesday night by becoming the first transgender state legislator elected. Everything is so deliciously ironic, I bet some force scripted this a long time ago. Turns out she beat 13 term incumbent, Del. Robert G. Marshall. He called himself the “chief homophobe”. Just earlier this year, he tried to pass a “bathroom bill”, to discriminate against Danica. Certainly, this election was very personal to Danica.

Danica Roem earned 3 to 1 more donations than Marshall. A lot of that came from out of state LGBT advocates. But she won, and conservatism was given quite a rude awakening. Seeing the wave of support for Danica, Marshall tried to outrage his Virginian conservatives. He produced some disgusting advertising, villifying Danica’s identity.

“Bad Judgment” video

Virginia is a very interesting state in terms of equality. College town Charlottesville is considered the most liberal city in the south. Undoubtedly, this was why Richard Spencer, University of Virginia alum, decided to hold his neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville.

The march, gained enormous attention when a car was driven into the protesters. The march was also to celebrate Donald Trump being president. They marched down the street chanting “Heil Trump”.

Ironically, the Unite the Right groups were also chanting “Russia is our friend.” TheDailyBeast

Think of how horrified people were, who lost relatives in World War Two, to watch huge groups of people waving Nazi flags. To say this side of America does not exist would be a lie. Disturbing truths must be analyzed to determine their cause.

The KKK and white supremacists groups across the nation were ecstatic with Donald Trump’s victory. Especially, after Donald Trump refused to place blame on their doorstep for their violent protests, hate groups suddenly had the best endorsement possible.

For a moment, early in Trump’s presidency, America was horrified to watch these hate groups suddenly acting as if they were legitimate. Trump’s stamp of approval, gave these groups an authority they don’t deserve.

It is disgusting, to watch the President of the United States act in such a fashion. But maybe this is good. Maybe, Trump’s endorsement of hate groups is like a wake up call to our country. Instead of these hate group festering in the shadows, by unveiling them, and shining a bright light on their hatred, America’s revulsion is pronounced. One shouldn’t have to hide who they are. This is no different than Donald Trump kicking Muslims out of the country. We all have the right to worship who we want and to live our lives as we want. When those rights are taken away, America dies.

Danica Roem and the state of Virginia, slapped those hate groups back under their shell.