Trump has so many weird psychological issues. However, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to analyze this guy. Common sense and a little intuition is all that is required. Trump was so devastated that he wasn’t chosen to be the Time Magazine Person of the Year, that he actually lied and said that he was the one to turn it down.

Time Magazine refutes Donald Trump’s assertion, which makes it so much more weird.

First of all, Time Magazine Person of the Year is not an accolade. It isn’t the Coolest or Best or Most Awesome Person of the Year. It is just Person of the Year. Over the course of the year, which name was in the most headlines? Hitler was Person of the Year and so was Ayatollah Khomeini. Trump shouldn’t be so bummed that he wasn’t Person of the Year.

Seeing his fat orange face on the cover of a Time Magazine has always been a dream of his. When he sadly discovered that would ever happen, Trump actually made some up. The magazines have been taken down since, but any of his golf clubs around the world used to have these fake Time Magazine covers framed, bearing his face and admirable accolades.

For starters, I would have loved to have heard Donald’s request for these fake covers. How many psychological issues must someone have to actually want to make fake magazine covers with their faces on it? I guess the same person who would lie about being Time Magazine Person of the Year.

Here is a super creepy story about our attention hungry president. I don’t know if he still does it. But in the start of his presidency, the first thing handed to Trump in the morning, was a folder filled with articles praising Trump. Again, you have to wonder how did Trump phrase that request? What would you think if your boss asked you to compile a document with all the good things people say about him? You’d probably call the nearest mental hospital.

Despite the attention that Trump desperately craves, he has been observed to callously neglect his own children. According to this article I wrote recently, fellow students at Donald Trump Jr.’s college noted how Donald Trump would never visit his son. Even on holidays, Junior was left by himself in his dorm. You’d think someone who was obviously so neglected by his own parents, would strive to make sure his own children never felt like that.


Please note Trump’s usage of the word “probably”. As pathetic as this might be, I have written several articles about Trump’s manipulation of the English language. If he says that he was “probably” going to be Person of the Year. But then Time Magazine says that he wasn’t, was he lying? “Probably” is not definitive. As he always does, Trump manages to lie without really lying.

Like when Trump was interviewed by Lest Holt about his firing of James Comey. Lester Holt asked Trump to clarify who asked the other to dinner. This fact is crucial to Trump’s lie. Comey was investigating Trump on Russian collusion and the two were eating dinner together. Whose idea was it for this dinner? Trump replied,

“Dinner was arranged. I think he asked for the dinner.”

He “thinks” Comey asked him to dinner. “Thinks” is another very ambiguous word. Technically Trump is not lying.

At least an observant person should be able to spot a Trump lie a mile away.