One year in office and check out the mess Donald Trump has made of the Republican Party. Some might argue rather, that the Republican Party died long before Donald Trump squeezed himself through the door of the White House. Almost every other article of mine is about how destructive Donald Trump is to the Republican Party. The elections from yesterday only prove that the Trump Effect has soured across America. Democrats won straight down the ballot. Before we put the dunce cap on him though, many political analysts contend whether the death of the Republican Party was intended by Trump’s tap dancing. Destroying his party could have been Trump’s intention from the start.

Furthermore, look at who the closest people in Trump’s administration are, Robert Mercer, his lead donor, and Steve Bannon, his former lead adviser. The Mercers and Steve Bannon have been working together for almost a decade. Mercer pours money into Bannon’s, Breitbart News. Bannon and Mercer’s political ideologies are not a secret – far from it actually.

Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon have a lot in common. They both despise the Republican establishment and have actively tried to dismantle it. Patrick Caddell, a former Democratic political operative said that Mercer “is a libertarian—he despises the Republican establishment,” and added, “He thinks that the leaders are corrupt crooks, and that they’ve ruined the country.” PoliticalHaze

  1. Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon want to destroy the Republican Party.
  2. Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon are Trump’s top advisers.
  3. Donald Trump has been instructed to destroy the Republican Party.

Even the most loyal Trumpkin would have a tough time arguing any of these statements. 1 and 2 are facts. 3 is a simple deduction from 1 and 2.

If we are to bring away anything from the elections on Tuesday, it is that America is not satisfied with what Trump has done. We don’t need an election to discover that. What has he done for us anyway? Absolutely nothing. Trump’s tax bill is the last single achievement he could hang on his belt, before recess and then the election campaign starts. Regardless, if he doesn’t get taxes passed, he’ll have nothing at all.

Look at the tax bill though. Did Trump seriously think it would pass? The tax bill is so lopsided and so beneficial to the top 2%, it would be political suicide to endorse it. You’d think if Trump genuinely wanted this bill passed, he would have made it more even and beneficial to the masses.

GOP Tax Bill Mostly Benefits The Wealthy, Tax Policy Center Finds – Huffington Post

Trump’s behavior during this past year is a perfect example of how NOT to be president. He pushed legislation to kick an ethnic group as well as a specific religion out of the country. He pledged allegiance to the KKK. Even though his grandchildren are Jewish, our president endorsed the KKK. Trump maintained his admiration of KKK leader David Duke, even after Duke said, referring to son-in-law Jared Kushner, “I think that Trump has an absolute infiltrator in the White House.” TimesofIsrael

Trump’s bizarre behavior becomes justified if he is intentionally trying to destroy the Republican Party. I consider him a smart person. His idiocy is just a facade. According to his tweets, I think he purposely misspells words and capitalizes words that shouldn’t be. Therefore, he is trying to appeal to his uneducated base. Any moron that got elected president would not strive to cause dissent and strife across the country. Unless of course, it is their intent.

In conclusion, I just hope that we will have the final laugh.