Few Trump broken promises have fascinated me as much as his conviction to bring back coal. This was a big campaign promise of his. Thousands of people in coal country, who were typically democrats, voted for Trump because he promised to bring back coal. Coal is a thing of the past. The proposition that factories will chose coal over gas, despite the steeper price tag and the damages to the environment are absurd. The fact that anyone, especially someone IN the coal industry, could fall for that is even more absurd.

Of all his promises, I focused on the coal one quite a bit. Check out some of my articles on the subject,

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A few times in my articles, I question why, instead of making promises that will never come true, Trump doesn’t provide training, so that these unemployed coal miners may pursue a career that offers a future.

Trump is just peddling hope, perhaps his sharpest skill. These unemployed coal miners now, are so convinced that Trump will deliver, that they refuse to even train for another position.

Take Mike Sylvester, for example. He walks into a career training center. Hundreds of different bright futures surround him. Computer programming, nursing, health technologists are just a sliver of the bountiful choices before him. Instead, he walks up to the coal mining booth.

“I think there is a coal comeback,” said the 33-year-old son of a miner.

“I have a lot of faith in President Trump,” he said. Reuters

Ironically, Trump spent the entire election campaign assuring those in coal country of this exact same thing. Vote for Trump, and he will bring back coal, and you will get your job back.

A year in office and Trump has done nothing to bring back coal. He took us out of the Paris Accord. Despite the catastrophic damage this decision will cause on our children’s planet, Trump did it to keep that hope alive in his supporters. The Paris Accord was nothing more than environmental regulations. Coal is so damaging to the planet, under the Paris Accord, factories were forced to pay a tax if they use coal.

Essentially, the only thing that yanking us out of the Paris Accord does, is assuring those unemployed coal miners, that very shortly, they’ll be back to work. To me, this stands among the most evil thing that Trump does. Man! That is a bold statement! This uneducated and unemployed demographic was easy pickens. Trump promised them the moon. In return, they handed him the presidency.

Out-of-work miners cite many reasons beyond faith in Trump policy for their reluctance to train for new industries, according to Reuters interviews with more than a dozen former and prospective coal workers, career counselors and local economic development officials. They say mining pays well; other industries are unfamiliar; and there’s no income during training and no guarantee of a job afterward. Reuters

Coal country had voted predominantly democratic. Take Harlan County, Kentucky, for example, the capital of coal country. Besides George McGovern, Harlan County never supported a single Democratic presidential nominee, between 1960 and 2000. All that changed when Donald Trump promised to get them back to work. NationalReview

There is a silver lining here, folks. In three years, when those unemployed coal miners are still eating DumDums on their coach and watching Saved by the Bell reruns, they will realize that they had been fooled. Trump was so persuasive, they don’t even see the need to train in something else. In three years, they will realize that Trump’s lies cost them their futures.