Michelle Bachmann spoke at the Annual Value Voters Summit and said some strange things. She currently serves on President Trump’s evangelical advisory board. At the summit, during an interview with Sirius XMProgress, she assured her faithful followers that our president is NOW a “committed believer” of Jesus Christ and “a man of faith” who has “asked God for help and wisdom.” HuffingtonPost

As soon as those disciples in that audience heard Michelle Bachmann say that, they all released a sigh of relief. If you’ve been paying attention to our president, it really doesn’t look as if he is a man of faith. After all, Trump’s tax policy that was just passed, sure as heck fire, won’t help any of those evangelicals. In fact, Trump’s actions are seemingly performed to serve only one person, himself. But, I guess if Michelle Bachmann says it, we should take her word for it.

At this same Voters Summitt, Joel Brind, a college biology professor from New Hamburg, New York got an enormous applause when he said that if there was Twitter back then, Jesus would have used it just like Trump does.

I wouldn’t restrict it to just [Trump’s] tweets. His communications in general are tactically [emulating Christ]. I don’t want to be misinterpreted to say that everything he says is equivalent to gospel. I mean, he’s on the right side, and his tactics are more reminiscent of Christ, of the tactics that Christ used when he walked the earth and which he admonished his followers to use also. HuffingtonPost

I wonder which “tactics” of Trumps’ are similar to Christs’?

I’m sure Michelle Bachmann would have no problem supplying an answer for that question. Bachmann is one of Trump’s greatest fans. Bachmann worships Donald Trump. He is not a politician to her. According to her lofty praise, Donald Trump is actually divine.

When asked about Trump’s rise to power, she said that it

just wasn’t in the natural. This was in the supernatural where God sovereignly, I believe, answered the prayers of believers beseeching him, and he’s given us a reprieve.”



I bet you that all of those women that he sexually assaulted would disagree. Also, the hundreds of defendants in the Trump University class action, who claimed that Trump took their money for an education but gave nothing in return, would also disagree. 

Michelle Bachmann apparently is such a keen speaker of Christ, that Trump made her a part of his Evangelical Advisory Board. The primary function of this board is to convince Trump’s religious base that religion is very important to him. Like everything Trump does, this evangelical board is just smoke and mirrors. Other religious elites in this group are radio host James Dobson, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed and more than two dozen others.

New York City megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard was another name in the group. A few months ago, he stepped down. After Trump praised white supremacy, A.R. Bernard left. What is the point to work in a group aimed at spreading religion and love, when your ultimate boss is unable to condemn the KKK?


Is Michelle Bachman really in the position to be speaking for the Lord? A few months ago, a clinic that was accused of practicing the “pray away the gay” therapy, run by Michelle Bachmann’s husband, got into some legal trouble. NBCNews

For starters, the clinic failed to properly maintain patient records. These clinics were also found to have taken $137,000 from Medicaid.

It is embarrassing that I actually come from the same country as someone who would take her spiritual guidance.