Republicans are evil. However, Paul Ryan is in a class of his own. Donald Trump is evil, because he tricked a third of the country into thinking he was going to help them. As soon as he got into power, all he did, was help himself. With a stroke of his pen, Donald Trump robbed millions of healthcare and entitlements. In his defense, Donald Trump has always been in that pristine bubble of wealth. He has devoted his life to finding tax loopholes and paying as little tax as possible. Why should anyone had thought, he was going to suddenly help the middle class? Paul Ryan, however, also tries to steal a starving mother’s food. Although, he used to be one of those people that survived off of welfare. For him to take it away from those that survive off of it is disgusting. I’d say he is even more despicable than Trump.

Now that Trump’s tax plan has been passed, House Speaker Paul Ryan R-Wis, plans on “reforming” healthcare, welfare and entitlements. I put that word in quotes, because Paul Ryan won’t be “reforming” anything. He uses it, because it is a nicer word than “slashing”, which is more appropriate to what he wants to do.

We’re never going to give up on entitlement reform and the things we need to do to get the debt under control,” Ryan said. “With one more reconciliation, I think we have a pretty good shot at getting some of these things done.” WashingtonExaminer

On Wednesday Ryan told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos,

“The kinds of entitlement reform that we are going to be pursuing are the kinds to get people on welfare to work.” Later, during an interview with Fox News, Ryan said, “People want able-bodied people who are on welfare to go to work, they want us to get people out of poverty, into the workforce. That’s good for them, that’s good for the economy, that’s good for the federal budget.”

In other words, Paul Ryan is just ripping food out of a starving families mouth for their best interest. He tried to reason that if we refuse to feed the country’s needy, they will decide to get jobs, That is the reform he is talking about. According to Paul Ryan and the entire republican party, food stamp and welfare recipients are leaches. Give them a handout and they will never bother to get an honest job. Why should I work eight hours a day when I could get a free handout? A picture of those welfare hush puppies sits in the bulls-eye of every dartboard in a Republican politician’s office.

Paul Ryan legislative wet dream has always been to take away entitlement from everyone who needs them. In fact, political analysts label him “the GOP’s most outspoken advocate for cutting and privatizing Social Security”, Truth-out. Ironically, government entitlements saved Paul Ryan’s life when he was a kid. Government entitlements allowed Paul Ryan to go to school and become a politician and…..take away government entitlements?!

From the time of his father’s death to when he was eighteen, Paul Ryan received Social Security payments. According to an article he wrote, Paul Ryan actually tucked that money away for college.

Now that Paul Ryan is exploding with money, he married a wealthy wife, he owns a thriving business, he would have given back the government entitlements that allowed him to attain his wealth. If this is not the epitome of evil, I don’t know what is. Especially, if you consider how passionate he gets about keeping those same benefits from single mothers and disabled children, you’d think he’d return that money to the government. He never did.

This disgusting hypocrisy spread like wildfire across the republican party. I wrote this article a while ago. It is about Mark Callahan, a Tea Party leader from Oregon. The whole point of the Tea Party is to take away your benefits. Initially funded by the wealthy conservative Koch brothers, the Tea Party paints the government evil, and convinces uneducated republicans that welfare and entitlements are just methods the government uses to control them.

Although Callahan has waged endless campaigns about how evil welfare is, he benefited from government entitlements. However, unlike Ryan, he didn’t even need it. He was just milking the system. According to court records, after his first US Senate campaign, Callahan was receiving food stamps. It isn’t like he didn’t have any money. During that campaign he poured more than $9,000 into it. He also loaned his campaign another $6,000. To go on food stamps after funding your campaign (about how evil food stamps) is unheard of in politics. Projects

Republicans are the epitome of evil. In their unnerving quest to stuff as much money in their wealthy buddies stockings, republicans know no bounds. Texas republicans are cutting government payments to therapists who specifically treat children with disabilities. By depriving Texas of this money, kids with autism and down-syndrome will be denied treatment. Instead that money will go to provide a  tiny tax break for the uber wealthy. Patheos

Have these people no shame?! Damn them all.