The Mueller investigation is far from over, but already I am amazed at how sloppy the Trump Russia collusion was conducted. It almost seems as Trump wanted to get caught. It was like watching the Bad News Bears break into Fort Knox. The incompetence is almost laughable. This train of logic leads me to a few puzzling stations.

First of all, our president couldn’t be this stupid to nominate people like Wilbur Ross, Michael Flynn, Carter Page and practically every other appointment. All these people have very intimate ties with Russia and Putin. If you are committing treason, a crime punishable by death, you’d think you would try to mask it a little better. Two of Trump’s closest advisers, Paul Manafort and Carter Page were actually Russian agents, TheGuardian. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I mean why would you hire Russian spies to advise you on becoming president of the United States?

Second, consider the Trump-Russia collusion scandal to be the biggest crime against America in our history. Hands down. Russia infiltrated our society to persuade (mostly uneducated) citizens to vote against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump. After seven republican led investigations each concluded Hillary committed no crime, if you still thought she was crooked, you were played by the Kremlin, Politifact.

Despite the ramifications of getting caught, there were so many people involved in this scandal. The more crooks in your gang the more sloppy it becomes. Rule number one, when committing a crime, is to have as few people accomplices as possible. 9 out of 10 crooks get busted after being ratted on.

The quickest way for Mueller to nab Trump was by threatening Michael Flynn, one of Trump’s senior advisors, who already had a laundry list of big international crimes. Flynn was asked to talk about the Trump Russia collusion, or serve several decades for those crimes. He didn’t think twice about throwing Trump under the bus. It isn’t rocket science, and it is quite astonishing that Trump committed crimes with someone with so much baggage.

Could it be that this was Putin’s ultimate plan? Putin knew that Trump couldn’t get anything done in Washington that would benefit Russia. Instead, Trump would serve Russia best by getting caught and showing to the world the capabilities of Russia.