A republican hiding behind a family values mask is like a fox hiding behind a chicken’s mask. Both carnivores are just trying to deceive, make those around it comfortable, and then when the time is right, devour. Republican politicians are not virtuous nor upstanding citizens. Actually, many of them are child molesters and sexual predators. Just like Trump did, they go out and find gullible people who will believe him when he says that he speaks for God.

Kind of like Ben Carson endorsing Trump, only he after he claimed to have received a sign from God. Or mega televangelist Jim Baker claiming that we should obey Trump, because he was chosen by God.

Republican politicians hide behind that mask of purity to preserve their uneducated support. I’ve written this line thousands of times before, but republicans only care about lowering taxes for the wealthy. That is it. If they only got votes from their wealthy benefactors however, no republicans would win a seat. Religion is a great platform for these shuckster politicians. They use religion to gain votes to pass bills that save their wealthy friends money.

Exactly like the tax bill that just passed.

Look how gung-ho they were over Trump’s tax bill! The thing wasn’t even in its final form, before it had every republican clawing for it! Compare that to Obamacare, a piece of legislation aimed at providing healthcare for your daughter. Republicans fought Obamacare tooth and nail, until they were able to snatch it out of your hands and kill it!

Those farmers and evangelicals in mid America, would never vote for a party that just wants to give money to their wealthy friends. Republicans needed to make themselves look like the righteous party. The abortion issue enabled them to pull this off. As long as republicans could convey this image of Christian saintliness, then they have a third of the nation’s votes in their pocket.

The one good thing that Trump brought to American politics, is that at least now, republicans can’t pretend that they are the religious right. After Trump, ‘religious right’ will just be an oxymoron that people will say at parties for laughs.

During the election, swarms of evangelicals would gather at Trump rallies. Meanwhile, Trump was being sued in two separate class action suits. One, for sexually assaulting dozens of women. Another, for scamming little high school students out of tuition to his fake college. Despite this laundry list of deplorable crimes, those evangelicals continued to support him.

Evangelicals continue to be among President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters. According to the survey, 72% of white evangelicals approve of the president’s job performance. Mainline Protestant denominations and white Catholics are divided with 49% of both groups approving of Trump’s performance during his first year in office. CBN12-5-17

Trump is not the exception. Like Trump, a large amount of republicans commit crimes, many of them sexual ones. Look at some of the articles I have written just about deplorable republicans who commit sexual crimes against children. Disgusting!

Besides Viewing Child Porn and Taking Unprecedented Amounts of Voter Demographic Information, What Else is Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Doing?

Son of G. Gordon Liddy, Arrested for Possession of Child Porn

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The Number of Republican Politicians Molesting Little Children is Soaring in Recent Months

Our president shocked the world when he endorsed Alabama Senator Roy Moore. Moore had recently been accused by several women of sexual misconduct, that occurred when they were just teenagers and he was thirty years old. Think of those poor women, who had spent their lives coping with what Moore did to them. Finally, they build up enough courage to voice their accusations, and the President of the United States endorses the man that violated them!

If the black vote didn’t come out for Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, like they did, the pedophile would have won, no problem. The religious right almost elected a pedophile. How can you go to church and pray to Jesus and then elect a pedophile, or someone who steals tuition money from little children? They can say its all about redemption. But if the same person that “forgives” a child molester, wants someone else in jail for using an unprotected server, you have to question their true motives.


Just yesterday, Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s eldest son, beat up his father to a bloody pulp, because he wouldn’t let his son take out the truck, USAToday. Remember when Sarah Palin was introduced to America as McCain’s running mate? Before America got to know who she was, Sarah Palin was being begged to run for president!

So now this is the party for family values? They sexually molest little children, they sexually assault countless women, and they beat their parents!? What sort of religious person could actually respect politicians like this?

In 2010, Sarah Palin had the highest approval rating of any republican politician since Ronald Reagan.  Turns out, her supporters were wrong about her. She didn’t know anything about politics. However, her entire appeal was from the image she projected. She just said some funny things. For a couple of weeks, lots of republicans were hoping that she would run in 2012. She stood in front of a crowd of republicans, and said some folksy comments, and a few jabs at Obama, and that was all she had to gain the support of a third of our country.

To these people, political sophistication has nothing to do with gaining their vote. As long as you say funny things and ridicule the right people, they will instantly admire you.

Trump also used this same tactic to appeal to his base. His supporters defended Trump by saying, “He isn’t a politician. He isn’t corrupt. This is what we need.” Like Sarah Palin, he knew nothing about politics. Both of them however, charmed their audience.

“Scott Brown in many ways represents what this beautiful movement is all about,” Palin said. “It’s about a guy with a truck and a passion to serve our country, who looked around and saw that things weren’t quite right in Washington … and decided he was going to do his part to our our government back on the side of the people.”

“Run, Sarah, run,” the crowd at the convention exhorted. CSMonitor

Let me end this article with a fact that should shock no one. Intelligence can be measured by how easy it is to persuade someone. Hold a banana in front of a monkey, and it will follow you to the ends of the earth. Put a ball of cheese right in front of a mouse, and it will run that mouse-wheel until it is dead. When you can be convinced to vote for someone to be president of our country, just because they say funny things or they have a hot wife, you are not very sharp.