Last Monday, students at Norwalk Early College Academy at Norwalk High School were subjected to an unpleasant experience. The first daughter Ivanka made a surprise appearance. Ivanka and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, gave a motivational speech about an IBM program that allows high school students to get their high school diploma, an associate degree and learn technical skills all at the same time. USAToday

Due to heightened security threats, her visit was unannounced. But forcing high school students to pay attention to this woman is wrong. How would you feel if your kid had to respect Ivanka just for a minute? After all, she is the epitome of Trump’s sparkling opulence, incalculable greed, and magnanimous hypocrisy.

I get it. She is the first daughter. I’m sure Norwalk’s schoolboard only had the best intentions in booking Ivanka. However, considering the current biting political climate, they should have predicted the reaction such a decision would ignite.

Some of the parents of these students were furious that their child had to sit and pay attention to Ivanka Trump. She is the chief advisor to her father, Donald Trump. She does, arguably, sculpt some of the decisions enacted by Donald Trump. That being said, everyday Donald Trump does something to offend various demographics. If you honor her, you honor everything about her, including the person that she advises.

One parent, Karey Fitzgerald, told News 12 in Connecticut, “I think we should have had the choice to send our child to school or keep them home.” USNews

An alumna of the academy, Monica Mercuri, tweeted, “Hope the diversity of our students and our large immigrant population doesn’t scare her away!”

I’ll be the first to applaud Ivanka’s passion to make STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and computer science a priority inside the Trump administration. Ivanka took credit for her father ordering the Education Department to invest $200 million a year into expanding these areas.

Her flagrant hypocrisy is what bothers me about her. I’ve written several articles about Ivanka’s unfettered attempt to convey an image of this honorable feminist. She writes these books that are just collections of quotes that are supposed to inspire the ladies of our nation.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about taking a bigger-picture approach.

I think it is bad luck to put shoes on a table or walk under ladders.

If people think I’m just the boss’s daughter, they’re deceived.

She thinks she is a great role model for children. Look at all the businesses she runs. The one gambit that she leaves out of all of these motivational books of course, is the most important. If it wasn’t for daddy dearest, she would be selling spicy hot dogs on the street corner. The fact that her daddy is Donald Trump allowed her to do everything that she has accomplished.

Don’t insult the girls of our nation, challenging them to build an empire as grand as yours! You have a big advantage that they do not. The fact that you ignore this, shows you should be the one listening to a motivational speaker!

Ivanka might not like to admit it, but when you have unlimited wealth, you can do anything. It is a bigger challenge to rise above that wealth and be a good person. Despite her father, if Ivanka was charitable and helped those less fortunate, I would be her biggest supporter. Sadly, when all is said and done, Ivanka is no different from her father.

I’ve written plenty of articles about Ivanka’s laughable hypocrisy. Over here, Ivanka is an advocate for women’s rights. But the women in China, who work in her sweatshops pumping out her handbags and clothes items, would disagree.

Ivanka Trump Makes a Fool of Herself While Speaking at Global Women’s Convention in India

Ivanka’s Sweat Shops in Indonesia are Jumping, Trump’s Resorts are Filled With Immigrants, America Announced 15,000 Additional Visas, Oh Yeah it is Trump’s Made in America Week

As my articles illustrate, Ivanka’s factorys pay the lowest wages in Asia, according to her workers, not even enough to feed their children. Undoubtedly, Ivanka leaves this out of her feminist speech she gave at the Global Women’s Convention in India, but she offers her workers a bonus if they work while menstruating. PoliticalHaze

Ivanka is not as bad as her dad, I think she is worse. She goes to these schools and encourages our nation’s youth to seize the day and learn about technology. Then, when no one is around, she goes to her factory and tortures her factory workers. Ironically, some of those factory workers are the same age and sex as those that listened to her motivational speech at Norwalk High School.

Apparently, we are supposed to think that those kids don’t count. Just because they don’t live in America, we aren’t suppose to care about them.

Ivanka disgusts me.