Flynn pleaded guilty today about lying to the FBI, to conceal Russian involvement. Still, republicans are about to pass Trump’s tax code, Putin’s biggest weapon to destroy America. About a month ago, President Trump said that America was the most taxed nation in the world.  “We’re the highest taxed nation in the world,” he said, according to NPR White House reporter Scott Horsley. “People want to see massive tax cuts.” If that was true, I might agree with Trump’s massive tax cuts. But it isn’t. CNBC

According to the OECD, we are closer to the bottom. That was a lie from our president. He was just trying to convince us that we need a tax cut. As it is now, we pay very little taxes. We don’t need a tax cut. However, the GOP is about to pass the hugest tax cut we have ever had. So, trillions of dollars will be taken out of the already tiny pool of dollar bills we use to fund our country. A tax cut of such epic proportions is a good way to destroy America.

When Trump’s tax bill passes, America will severely change. Essentially, your taxes will go directly to the wealthiest Americans. We won’t fund healthcare for your neighbors, graduate school for your children, and charities for your local charitable organization. Instead, that money will go directly to Trump’s family.

Considering the collusion between Trump and Russia, we can not discount the possibility that Trump’s tax code is intended to destroy America. Why would a president willingly try to cripple the country that they preside over? The answer is bouncing into all of our faces. Putin ordered Trump to destroy America. After all, I write an article about exact message every other day.

Is it a coincidence that Trump nominated the most unqualified people to head important government agencies, PoliticalHaze? If you were president, wouldn’t you want to nominate the best people? If they do good, than your decisions will be applauded. In addition, Trump has nominated individuals like the Secretary of Education, head of the NOAA Secretary of Environmental Protection and Secretary of Agriculture, who have spent their lives destroying the very agencies they now head.

The bottom line is that for some reason, Trump is trying to destroy our country. Such a bold statement is irrefutable. If you disagree with that, give me a single reason why our president would nominate truck drivers to head crucial government agencies. PoliticalHaze1

Everyday, we spend more money than we should on our inefficient healthcare. Plus, think of how much time you waste in traffic jams and overcrowded airports. Inadequate healthcare and crumbling infrastructure is killing the country as well. However, Trump’s budget doesn’t spend a nickel on these things. In fact, despite our nation’s explicit weaknesses, Trump’s budget slashes the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency, CNN. All of these imperative agencies will be near bankrupt under Trump, but the wealthy will get their largest tax break ever in our nation’s history.