Former Clinton lawyer wrote in a Washington Post Op-Ed, that the only people accusing Mueller of bias is either the Fox News network or the Trump administration. I am aware that such a statement is not an epiphany. In this case though, the obvious deserves to be emphasized a trillion times. Of course, Trump will try to defile the person investigating him. But for Fox News, the leading news network in the country, to be so blatantly skewered, is very indicative of the intelligence of Fox viewers.

This is true only on Fox News, in President Trump’s tweets and in the shoe pounding of the Freedom Caucus at legislative hearings,” Kendall saidTownhall

Why in God’s name, would someone prefer news that is tainted as opposed to news that is accurate? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the point of news? The only reason I could muster, is intelligence, or lack of it.

It always baffled me that the leading news network is a channel so obviously biased. Who would want to get their  coverage of politics from a channel that actively endorses a certain party. To Fox, more important than conveying current events accurately, is providing news that will make their audience happy.

It is like this little secret middle school club. Fox News gives meaning and companionship to many people, who would have none in their life, was it not for Fox.

For example, imagine your parents always instilled conservative values in you. Everywhere you look now though, sort of contradicts what your parents taught you. There was a great black president, drugs are legalized, gay people are getting married – everything your parents taught you, turns out to be wrong. Before you get despondent though, at least when you put on Fox News, you can see the news exactly as your parents viewed it. That is comforting. What other news channel will provide such an indelible amenity?

Trump and Fox News are a team. Each of them needs the other to maintain their facade and fool the majority of the country. To Fox, Trump is their spokesperson. It doesn’t matter how he performs. When he does something stupid, Fox can blame the liberal media for covering this but not covering that. To Trump, Fox is the instrument he uses to communicate directly with his supporters. Trump is only in the White House because of his ability to play the media. To have the most viewed news network in America, something as conservative and malleable as the Fox, is immeasurable help for Trump. Without Fox, Trump would not be in the White House.

Mind you, those supporters won’t watch anything else. Every inch of the current events they consume is streaming directly from Fox. As a result, Fox is able to manipulate these viewers entirely.