In recent weeks, the FBI’s investigation into Trump apparently struck a chord with him. Not only did Trump retaliate against the FBI with countless Romper Room tweets, but he now has the entire GOP accusing the FBI of being dirty. They all jumped into the ring. Waving their fists and screaming their heads off, ‘STOP the investigation’.

Defend the republicans all you want, but while they are screaming for Trump’s exoneration, none of them know for sure whether he is guilty or not. Conspiring with Russia to topple our election would be the most severe crime every committed against the country. For these politicians, to be so certain as to defend the accused so vehemently, seems rather odd. Play in the pig pen and you will get dirty.

No conclusions have been made, but at least we can be certain of one thing, either the FBI or the GOP is dirty. The FBI is investigating Trump. As a result, the GOP is now demanding that the FBI is investigated. They both can’t be innocent. Nor, can both pillars of justice be guilty. One is crooked.

A timeline of Trump’s investigation reeks of guilt. James Comey, the previous FBI Director was fired by Trump after he refused to pledge his allegiance to him. If Hillary would have done that, the GOP would be kicking down her door. Trump does it, and they hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Trump appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein chooses Comey’s replacement, Robert Mueller III. Like clockwork, republicans begin complaining about Mueller, accusing Mueller of also being dirty. As if this pinnacle of justice and integrity (who actually considers himself a republican), is willing to throw his entire career and reputation away to defile Trump.

Republican anger over the investigation is increasing. A few weeks ago, a number of republicans complained to  Rod Rosenstein that Mueller’s investigation is riddled with partisan bias. They were demanding Mueller’s investigation stops right away.

To the dismay of the GOP, Rosenstein’s reply was,

The special counsel’s investigation is not a witch hunt,” Rosenstein told a heated House Judiciary Committee hearing, specifically rejecting the phrase that President Trump has used to denounce the case. He said Mueller has managed the case “appropriately.” LATimes


Nothing conveys guilt more, than when you repeatedly try to shut down those investigating you. As per the GOP, why are they so petrified of the results of the investigation. The FBI has always been the nation’s most trustworthy institution. Guys like James Comey and Robert Mueller were picked to lead the organization because of their stellar reputations. To think James Comey and then Robert Mueller and now the entire FBI is corrupted is laughable.

Trump has committed countless crimes before. During the election, he was being sued for stealing tuition money from little high school students. Good God! He stiffed hundreds of laborers out of payment for their construction services over the years, TheHill. THIS is the man the entire GOP is willing to place their careers on?

Florida GOP Rep. Francis Rooney called for a “purge” at the FBI, earlier this week. Although he has toned down his rhetoric a bit, the GOP fury is still vicious. Republicans understand that if Trump’s collusion with Russia is unveiled, the party is finished. Never in the history of our country has any politician, let alone the president, committed a crime more treasonous than Trump’s accusation.

In similar fashion, Trump is now trying to discredit Michael Flynn. Trump is trying to protect himself from any wrongdoing he is accused of by him. According to the Washington Post, Trump’s legal team is preparing to paint Flynn as a liar. Remember though, this liar, just a few months ago was Trump’s National Security Adviser. Last February, Trump called him a “wonderful man”. But now, after Flynn speaks to Mueller, he suddenly becomes a punching bag!?

Not only is the republican party defending this criminal, but they are actually demanding the investigation into him be stifled! Doesn’t that make the GOP an accessory to Trump’s crimes? Also, wouldn’t they want the investigation to transpire? Unless they are certain of Trump’s guilt, wouldn’t the republicans welcome these accusations to be proven wrong? For months, republicans have been doing everything possible from protecting Donald Trump from being investigated, PoliticalHaze. Why would they do that if they think he is innocent?

Trump is the one inflicting the most damage on Trump. If only he could keep his mouth shut, he would be in a much safer place. Thank God, he can’t.