A few days ago, the reporter who claimed he “got Trump elected”, overdosed on a killer cocktail of synthetic opioids. Drug usage was rampant among the Trump election campaign, NYPost. Turns out, that all of those fantastic stories that convinced America to hate Hillary, were actually contrived during drug binges. Imagine how hard they laughed that America actually fell for it!

Why should America suffer, because uneducated people were tricked by drug addicts?

I wrote this article a few months ago.  The article chronicles the sad battle between Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief advisor, and crystal meth. At one point, the most powerful man in the Trump white house, was hopelessly addicted to meth amphetamine. Someone the religous right could be very proud of!

The Washington Post broke the story about a mansion in Miami, Florida, that Steve Bannon paid the lease for every month. The mansion that Bannon left behind was destroyed. Every bath tube and sink was melted from chemical exposure. Producing methamphetamine results in causing this exact damage to sinks and bathtubs.

“Each person gave accounts that the house was used to film pornography, had a constant flow of men, women — and even children — at the house and that blatant drug use was occurring at all hours of the night and day,” Curtis said. Shareblue Media

The biggest kicker is that at one point, this meth head was considered even more powerful than Donald Trump!

The fake news journalist who overdosed the other day, was Paul Horner. British BBC labeled Paul Horner as the king of fake news. He was 38. Some of the lies he fooled uneducated Americans with, was that Obama was a gay Muslim and that he was planning on banning “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Allow me to illustrate how Horner’s drug fueled stories tricked so many Americans. Horner made up the story that people were being paid $3,500 to heckle Donald Trump. I’d quit my job in a heartbeat for that position. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski was fascinated with the story and retweeted it to all of Trump’s supporters. Within seconds, this meth hallucination goes viral. Everyone who reads the article is furious and Hillary hatred intensifies.

Another way that Horner and other Trump  journalists fooled America was with URLs that looked real. For example, Horner even expressed his shock how easy it was to use websites like abcnews.com.co.

“My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time. I think Trump is in the White House because of me. His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything,” he said.

Those words right out of the puppeteer’s mouth! Those scary crooked Hillary stories, that got Trump elected were all fake. If you believed them, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed. Think of all the people that still hate Hillary. Paul Horner and Steve Bannon and their bogus stories are the reasons why. No one likes to be tricked, but to be tricked by a bunch of stuttering drug addicts has got to be a lot worse.