A civil war is brewing. With a third of the country worshiping him, Donald Trump will not go down without a fight. Republicans have always flourished with the fear factor. Donald Trump became president, for example, by instilling fear in his subjects. His campaign lacked innovations and ideas. Instead, Trump convinced voters to hate their neighbors, and that he was the only one who could protect them.

Build the wall, and keep all of those Mexicans out. Ban all of those middle eastern fellows from entering our country. Immigrants will steal your jobs. Hitler rose to power with the exact same tactics.

Trump stoked hatred. Hatred breeds fear. Fear needs leadership. Millions of Americans waited days just to stand in his presence. My articles from the past few days, illustrate a grotesque devotion to Trump. Religious figures say that Trump is like Jesus. Political figures say that Trump is divine, PoliticalHaze. Trump is telling his followers that the elite is working to remove him. When his theories become true, and Trump is charged with treason, a third of the country would go to war to protect him.

The sad part is that grotesque logic, that juxtaposes Trump to our Lord, is how the majority of Americans feel. Doubting Trump’s omnipotence puts you in the minority. Fox News shapes Trump as the victim. Keep in mind that Fox News is the number one most watched news network in our country. A little more than a third of America approves of Trump. If you still approve of him, after the outlandishly horrible job he has done, and the countless ethnicity he has offended, I reckon he could slice your daughter’s neck, and you’ll still wear that Make America Great Again hat.

Mueller’s investigation must be making Donald Trump scared, because him and his family are starting to introduce a crazy conspiracy to their followers. On Tuesday, for example, Donald Trump Jr. suggested that a coup was taking place to get rid of his father. “People at the highest levels of government” are conspiring to destroy Trump’s administration. Trump Jr. then began speaking about the Mueller investigation, and how corrupt it is. Could the Mueller investigation be conspiring to get rid of Trump?

That 30% of Americans that still approve of Trump are not very educated and easily persuaded. If Trump is charged by Mueller or if he gets impeached, a third of America thinks Trump could walk on water. How hard would it be for Trump to get them to revolt?

For the first time in American history a presidential nominee condoned the anger and hate of white supremacy. This untapped demographic was just wanting to be exploited. Trump’s daughter and grandchildren are Jewish. Of course, he doesn’t want to see them victims of racism. Trump refused to denounce the white supremacist groups that caused the Charlottesville deaths, because if he did, he would lose the only support he has left. Better to have the bad guys cheering for you than no one at all.

If Mueller’s investigation leads to any sort of punishment for Trump, he knows that he has a third of the country at his beckon call. Do you think Trump would command his subjects to go to war?