Republicans are always demanding to make government smaller. However, republicans think the government needs to censor me and you. For every department the government slashes, there is one wealthy donor to swoop in and take control of that same department. Take healthcare for example. Why else are republicans so adamant about Obamacare? Remember republican lawmakers warning us about the dangers of a “government run healthcare system”? They took in a lot of money from private healthcare and insurance CEOs. If Obamacare served everyone, than those same CEOs would be standing in the unemployment line.

Rep. Dan Johnson, a republican from Mt. Washington, Kentucky, is trying to pass legislation that would require the internet to block “obscenity, child pornography, revenge pornography and prostitution.” WKMS

The same party that convinced Americans that government is too crooked to provide healthcare, wants to provide censor guidelines for your kids. Check out this list of republicans guilty of sexual behavior with minors. Republicans must think if all of them are so infatuated with child pornography, than it must be a huge problem that corrupts everyone. I don’t even know what “revenge pornography”. The fact that Rep. Dan Johnson feels American needs to be censored from revenge pornography, is quite indicative.

Rep. Dan Johnson used to be a preacher. He found himself in some hot water, when he posted images of Michele Obama and Barack Obama resembling monkeys.

This is a bold statement, but I despise republicans’ urge to censor me more than any of their despicable characteristics. Who are they to think that me or my kids can’t listen to curse words? Censorship is big in dictatorships. When government’s want to manicure the minds of their citizens, they censor shit. The 2015 list of most censored countries has in their top ten; North Korea, Iran, China and Saudi Arabia. Every industrialized nation in the world understands that the government is not and should not be responsible for what your kid hears and watches. Of course, that should be the parent’s responsibility.

Do you really want pedophile Republican Roy Moore from Alabama, to decide what you your kid can and can not watch or listen to?

Before Rep. Johnson can censor Kentucky, he is proposing that every internet be filtered by a deactivation process, which would cost $20.

You guessed it. All funds go to Kentucky “crime victim compensation funds”.