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Republicans Force House Investigation to Begin Wrapping up

Republicans Force House Investigation to Begin Wrapping up

According to Adam Schiff (D-California), a Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, republicans are planning on closing Mueller’s investigation by the end of the month. Newsweek

In a series of tweets, Schiff explained how the Majority has no one testifying in Mueller’s investigation after December 22.

In addition, Schiff wrote how Republicans have been procrastinating obtaining documents needed for the investigation. Consequently, it looks as if republicans are shutting down Trump’s investigation, because they fear the truth that it could expose.

Instead, imagine if Obama was investigated for some outlandish republican allegation. I would be the biggest supporter of this investigation transpiring, because I knew Obama was innocent, and I would look forward to his exoneration. Kind of like the seven republican Benghazzi investigations into Hillary. Each investigation concluded with republican politicians admitting that Hillary did nothing wrong. Let’s not forget that the FBI cleared her not once, but twice!

Despite our repeated urging, Majority has declined to issue subpoenas in numerous avenues of the investigation, where there’s simply no other way to get the information. Some refusals we’ve made public, like witnesses hiding behind nonexistent privileges, many others we haven’t,” Schiff tweeted.

Apparently. Republicans are using every trick in the book to squash this investigation. For example, according to Adam Schiff, republicans are interviewing two witnesses out-of-state next week. In addition, next week is the tax bill vote. Since lawmakers are unable to be at two places at one time, they must chose one or the other. Schiff wrote that the witnesses were able to come to Washington. Essentially, these two events could have both taken place in Washington with no problem.

Does it get any more disgusting than this? People, that we elected into office, are actually closing down an investigation, to protect a president that committed treason against me and you. God knows the extent of damage to our country and to you and your kid by having the president of the United States conspiring with the Russians, an enemy country. I reckon that doesn’t matter. All these republican politicians trying to foil Mueller’s investigation are more concerned with their political future than your kid’s future. The real kicker, is that the same person pushing to exonerate Trump for treason, wanted Hillary’s head for using an unprotected server.

These republicans are supposed to be protecting our country, not allowing Her to be desecrated and abused.

Damn these people!





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