For financial reasons, I understand that Fox News site may not want to bombard their readers with stories about Mueller’s investigation into Trump. Most of their readers would likely find other news sources. As disgusting as this is, most Americans prefer news that is comforting as opposed to accurate. Would you prefer to watch a baseball game, or one that you know is staged, but your team wins?

Check out the Fox News site and you’ll be shocked to see, of the long list of breaking news, the Mueller investigation is no where to be seen. Of course, the Mueller investigation is mentioned in some of their stories. Google Fox Mueller and you will read a ton of stories, albeit seriously slanted.

Here are a few,

Fox legal analyst Jarrett: Mueller investigation ‘illegitimate and corrupt’

Mueller’s Russia probe spent nearly $7M in first few months

Conservative group wants to oust Robert Mueller via lawsuit: ‘He is just another pol’

Me and you could read those headlines objectively. I read the headlines on CNN and MSNBC and then check out the Fox headlines. But what if I only read Fox News? What will my feelings be towards Mueller’s investigation if I only read Fox?

According to a survey by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (where I used to attend), of different news sources, Fox News viewers were the least informed.

Almost 60 percent of statements made on Fox News have been rated by the award winning politifact as either “mostly false,” “false,” or pure “pants on fire.” This is FAR worse than another media channel in the country.

I know this is not a revelation. Fox News is biased. But if you cast it alongside our previous presidential election, Fox News becomes much more nefarious. This past election was stolen by Russia by infusing our social media with fake news stories. Essentially, this is the same thing that Fox News does. A dictatorship must have a voice to broadcast their propaganda. By definition, a dictatorship without propaganda is a tyranny. Trump’s regime is a dictatorship. Fox News sends out Trump’s messages.