For a year during last presidential election, I would always write these articles about the same topic, that the republican party was dead. Did Trump kill it?  No, he did not. He won.  You would think the election would be a rude awakening to such a mindset. After all, when Trump won the election, to propose that the republican party was dead, seemed preposterous. After the election, a lot of my conservative readers, mocked my hypothesis. For a year, I was writing that the republican party was finished, and then they massacre the dems in the election. I was seemingly, proven wrong.

Donald Trump won. However, he had a lot of help from Russia. Through a massive campaign of fake news, Russia was able to persuade the majority of Americans (most of them were uneducated though). Perhaps if 2/3 of Americans didn’t hate Hillary Clinton, the same secretary of state, who in 2011 and 2012, had the highest approval rating of any politician, we wouldn’t be forced to watch that orange mountain of Play Doh every time we turn on CNN.

Initially, I surmised the republican party was finished, as a result of who they nominated. The republican voter angrily rejected the typical republican politician. Guys like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio weren’t even given a moment’s consideration. After all, why should republican voters elect the “typical republican”? For decades, the republican politician had spat lie after lie on the campaign, and then, when they were in office, they handed the sun and the moon to their wealthy friends.

The average republican voter – religious, uneducated and poor – had gotten douched time and again by republican politicians. They were hungry for a change. Of course, they wouldn’t vote for a democrat. Donald Trump was the next best thing.

Another undeniable proof as to the death of the republican party, is the changing demographics of our country. By calling themselves “the religious right”, the republicans put themselves in a lose-lose situation. As a result of their views on gay marriage and abortion, republican candidates get an automatic 25% of the votes. To some people, nothing else matters, besides such issues of faith.

However, America is changing. For one thing, we become more accepting and liberal on most issues. Drug legalization and gay marriage, are two issues that define a country becoming ore progressive. Meanwhile, you have these republican politicians, trying to keep us back in the fifties.

Also, waves of immigrants continue to pour into America. In fact, America has the largest immigration population of any country in the entire world. In 2015, we had 47 million immigrants. which is about 20% of all immigrants in the world. UN – United Nations Population Division. Immigrants are always very liberal. Also, as a result of Trump’s waged war against immigrants, you can be certain that every immigrant to step on American soil, will instantly be against Trump.

In addition, it is hard to imagine that anyone who voted for Trump doesn’t regret their decision. Trump is destroying the republican party all by himself. He campaign on kicking out Hispanics and Muslims from our country. His “America First” campaign, is actually, making the rest of the world silently reject us. Plus, his only legislative success was a tax bill that literally takes away you and your child’s benefits and gives it to Trump and his wealthy buddies.

How many republicans do you really think will still be proud of their party, as Donald Trump gets led away in handcuffs? What about the rest of the republicans, who are doing everything possible to handicap Mueller’s investigation? When Trump is arrested, republicans will be the party that tried to obstruct the investigation into the biggest national crime ever against this country. Republicans will be considered an e enemy of the state.