Donald Trump never likes to admit defeat. The past 36 hours though, Trump has been doing a lot of apologizing. On Wednesday, a White House spokesperson told The Hill that Brett Talley, a Justice Department attorney, offered to withdraw his nomination for a lifetime judicial Alabama position.

A lifetime judgeship position is certainly very cool, except Brett Talley was never a judge. According to the American Bar Association, who rated Mr. Talley’s attorney skills as “not qualified”, he shouldn’t even be a lawyer. It gets even more bizarre. I wrote an article about him. In his spare time, Mr. Talley is a ghost buster. Maybe he should quit his day job and start hunting Slimer more often. On top of all of this, the most striking characteristic of Brett Talley is that his wife is Ann Donaldson, the Chief of Staff to White House counsel, Donald F. McGhann II.

Wouldn’t you think that draining the swamp means not appointing unqualified people to some of the most important positions in the country, just because someone knows someone else? Disgusting!

Trump has faced an especially harsh backlash to Mr. Talley. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley urged Trump to rethink his Talley nomination. The frightening part of this story, is that this ghost busting punk actually PASSED the Senate Judiciary Committee! His nomination was yet to go to the senate floor. But he passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with flying colors! TheHill

The purpose of the Senate Judiciary Committee is to screen judicial nominations. If they were so quick to approve someone who never presided over a courtroom, to be a lifetime federal judge, we should all be petrified at the liberties our government is taking. At least this bogus nomination was stopped before he went to the Senate floor for a vote.