Hours after Trump had won the election, former President Obama had a private conversation with him. In conclusion, Obama implored Trump to get rid of retired Gen. Michael Flynn. Obama told him that keeping Flynn around was a risk. Obama’s attorney general, Sally Yates, raised concerns about Flynn’s meetings with the Russian ambassador. It just looked awful. For a president to be hiring a Russian agent was bad news for the president as well as for America. Obama gave is advice to help the country.

It is hard to imagine Trump, trying to save the future democratic president from similar trouble. What if the next president, let’s say a democrat, had a person in it’s administration, that Trump thought was bad for the country. Do you think his patriotic honor would compel him to rescue the democratic president? Of course not, because he only cares about one fat and orange person.

To spite Obama, not only did Trump not take his advice instead, Trump gave Flynn maximum responsibility in his cabinet and made Flynn his national security adviser. CNN

To make things even stranger, Obama wasn’t the only person warning Trump about Flynn. Someone familiar with the Trump transition team, said how even Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned against hiring Flynn.

Despite all of this advice, Trump kept Flynn. Why? Most people say how loyal Trump is. After all, Flynn did campaign for Trump quite robustly. What if there are other more nefarious reasons as to why Trump insisted on keeping Flynn. What if Putin ordered Trump to keep Flynn? We haven’t gotten any of the evidence on Flynn yet, but what we know paints a very good relationship between Putin and Flynn. Flynn was working for Russian interests, he was seen dining with Putin, and he lied to the FBI. Don’t you think Putin would want a guy like that serving as the president’s national adviser?

I still think Trump would be facing impeachment charges with or without Flynn, but Flynn by far poses the most risk to Trump. Flynn poses so much risk to Trump that he actually said this to former FBI Director James Comey.

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

The next day James Comey was fired.

Flynn had a laundry list of tax and fraud crimes that would have sent him to jail for a long time. Plus, he got his son involved in his espionage. His son also could be on his way to the big house. Consequently, Mueller had a lot of chips on his side of the table. It is simple to understand Flynn’s motivation to start talking.

Trump fired the former FBI Director for failing to obey him and not investigate Flynn.

Flynn won’t stop flapping his lips to Mueller.

Hence, Flynn will be responsible for getting Trump impeached. If only he would have taken Obama’s advice, he would be in a much better place. Thankfully, he didn’t!