Republicans have been scouring the earth for a single economist to say something good about their tax plan which is about to destroy every American’s life that makes less than $200,000 a year. Every expert that analyzes the plan concludes that it would not pay for itself.

A survey was conducted by the University of Chicago’s Initiative on Global Markets. The survey asked academic economists, some of the most brilliant economists in the country, if the tax plan would pay for itself. After all, that is the single justification for it that republicans pushing it give. Of the 38 experts, 37 said no, the plan would not pay for itself. The 38th economist didn’t understand the question. Another Chicago survey asked the economists if the GOP plan would help the economy. Only one person said that it would. Yahoo

Every person who analyzes the plan says how terrible it is, and that it will only benefit the wealthy. Isn’t that strange, how quickly this proposal got through republican House and Senate? The bill wasn’t even complete when they read it, with entire passages crossed out by hand or written in the margins. Though, Obamacare, a plan that undoubtedly helped a lot more Americans than the GOP tax plan will, was fought tooth and nail.

<> on November 2, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Makes you wonder, whose side are these republicans on? Ironically, the nation’s wealthiest seem to always share republican’s opinion. The uber wealthy hated Obamacare, because it taxed those at the top. Republicans fought it, more ferociously than any fight in their parties history. We are talking about healthcare – something that every industrialized nation in the world provides for their citizens.

Coincidentally, the uber wealthy would also agree with the republican politician on their tax plan. Both groups overwhelmingly LOVED it! Although, the majority of Americans are against it, the top earners in the country are all for it. Unable to find one economist to say that the GOP tax plan is good, they are now forcing it down America’s throat.