During the campaign, Trump could do nothing that would make him lose favor with his voters. He could get away with anything. In fact, considering that he was running for the most important position in the world, it got really strange exactly how much his voters cared about his criminal activity. You really can’t be that bright to vote for a criminal to run your country. While he was running for president, he was being sued in several class actions – one for stealing money from children and another for sexually dominating women. If you didn’t vote for Hillary, we hold you responsible.

His supporters, ironically the religious right, seemed to worship him more with every sin that he committed. While the guy was campaigning on hiring Americans, Trump only hired people from other countries to work for him. His supporters though, just shrugged their arms and smiled a toothless grin. Thus, Trump has become a product of his impetuousness. He says whatever he wants, because that is what his supporters like about him. They admire his audacity. Being politically correct would be the only thing Trump could do to offend his minions.

People who get away with stuff, get over confident. With good reason, Trump feels that he could walk on water. Every leader who enjoys a righteous spell of victories always get cocky. Historians call it victory disease, a complacency brought on by several victories that leads to disaster. Already, Trump’s cockiness is proving to be Mueller’s best weapon.

Initially, Twitter was one of Trump’s greatest tools. The ability to send out tweets and communicate with all of his supporters, allowed them to feel closer to Trump. Just like a buddy sending out a text, Trump’s tweets intimately connected him with his base. Ironically though, those tweets are Mueller’s best weapon in his case against Trump.

With his voters, those tweets allowed Trump to get away with murder. With the FBI though, those tweets could land him in the big house. According to CNN, those tweets can be used against him in the investigation. A tweet is no different from saying something on television, or saying something in a court room. You are placing your thoughts in the public domain. However, Trump may not be thinking of this at three in the morning, sitting at his computer, desperately trying to amuse his supporters. I really doubt that Trump knows the ramifications of the mindless tweets he is sending out.

For example, what should we take away when Trump says that the Russia dossier is fake? Remember this is the President of the United States. According to a court filing from lawyers seeking government information about the dossier, it sounds like Trump is saying that the intelligence community analyzed the dossier and presented it to him. Then, Trump deemed it fake. If a judge agrees, then the dossier must be shared. The FBI won’t allow Trump to get away with this.

After this Trump tweet, lawyers from Politico and the James Madison Project argued that the President of the United States is confirming the dossier existence, and therefore must reveal it to the press.

Trump’s biggest enemy is himself. No one will be more responsible for getting Trump locked up than himself. Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey was shockingly harmful to his case. Allegedly, Trump asked Comey, who was heading the investigation into Trump, to pledge his allegiance. Of course, Comey refused. As a result, Trump instantly fired him. You’d think our president could have gone about this in a more tactful way. You can’t be the sharpest knife in the drawer to really think you can bribe the director of the FBI! Looking at Trump’s campaign, how he said anything he wanted, and got away with everything, why should he think asking the Direct of the FBI for his loyalty would get him in trouble.

Imagine how much tougher Mueller’s case would be right now, if Trump wasn’t as loose lipped as a toddler. In Trump’s drive to keep his uneducated base amused, Trump tweets out these outrageous statements – each of which, will be used against him in a court of law.