Trump had a fun ride. Yesterday marked the beginning of the end for Trump. I could be wrong. After all, I’ve written plenty of articles, certain that Trump’s latest embarrassment would be his finale. However, he just kept truckin’. He defrauded little high school students, he sexually molested countless women, he tried to ban Muslims and Hispanics from entering our country, but none of this produced even a chink in his armor. His crown achievement, his tax policy, is what finally finished him.

During the past election, I wrote countless articles about how dead the republican party was. Look at who they nominated! The religious right passed up good conservative choices like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney for some guy who was, at the time, a defendant in two class actions, one for sexually assaulting women and another for defrauding little high school students. To make the nomination even more shocking, Trump was a democrat his whole life.

The fact that republicans nominated the polar opposite of the typical republican politician was very indicative. After Bush Jr., Republicans wanted to try something different. Republicans had been lied to time and again by the people they elected. Republican presidents only care about themselves and their buddies. Everyone else, including their supporters get ignored. Last election, republicans took a gamble on Trump. They justified their choice by insinuating that Trump was too wealthy to be corrupt. No, I’m not kidding. Such brilliant logic assumes that if someone has so much money, they won’t want yours.

He’s very rich. I don’t think that he ran for this office to line his pockets even more. I just don’t see it like that. – Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

President Trump has been soaked in scandal, even before his term began. Though, no one cared. Despite his scandal riddled life, these religious conservatives elected Trump. The same people that worship humble and charitable Jesus Christ, endorse opposite Donald Trump. Those evangelicals make up a portion of the thirty percent that still approve of him. I reckon that thirty percent won’t go anywhere. That thirty percent is generally uneducated and poor.

Don’t fault his supporters. Trump targeted this demographic because they were poor, unemployed and uneducated – perfect ingredients for manipulation. They had such tremendous hope. They were easy pickens for a big and wealthy Donald Trump. He promised them the sun and the moon, but delivered a few pieces of coal. Pity these people.

Not even a year into office, and Trump has broken almost all of his campaign promises. Still, no one cared. Hillary uses an unprotected server, and her pristine career is finished. Trump steals from little high schoolers and sexually molests countless women, and no one cares. Finally, though his supporters are beginning to reject him. His tax code was the final nail in his coffin.

History will remember Trump’s tax code as his single achievement. An achievement for who though? Not for me and not for you. Under Trump’ tax code, the middle class will pay more in taxes and surrender many of their benefits, so that Trump and his wealthy family save money in taxes.

Trump has gotten away with so much, I’m certain he thought he could sneak his taxes past America, without anyone making a fuss. Trump and his campaign understood that his base of support were easily tricked. As Paul Horner said, maybe the biggest Trump fake news journalist during the campaign,

My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time. I think Trump is in the White House because of me. His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything.

Trump is only in the White House, because of his remarkable ability to trick people.

I was so confident that Trump would pass his tax reform, that I wrote this in August, Trump’s Only Victory, Tax Reform, Will be America’s Most Tragic Defeat. Tax reform is ALL that Trump cares about. Nothing is more important to Donald Trump than saving himself money. Turns out republicans pass the bill, without even reading it. When it comes to healthcare for your daughter, they fight it tooth and nail, but if it means saving the top 1% a few extra bucks, than live and let die!

Trump finally gets his first legislative victory. However, it isn’t anything like he preached on the campaign trail. All of these hillbilly Trumpkins must feel plenty betrayed. Considering that they got him elected, and his sole legislative victory takes away some of their benefits, suddenly their alliance starts to falter.

A president like Trump has magically been able to skirt away from trouble. Yesterday however, contained an unusually massive amount of bad news for him. It seems that yesterday was the beginning of the end for Trump.  Since he was elected, you could map a trail of disaster, wherever Trump goes. Not only is he a terrible president, but all of his presidential decisions have hurt the country. Since America is the most important country in the world, most of Trump’s decisions can potentially cripple the world.

Early yesterday, finance ministers of several European countries were asking Steve Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, to rethink Trump’s tax reform.

The inclusion of certain less conventional international tax provisions could contravene the US’s double taxation treaties and may risk having a major distortive impact on international trade,’ the letter stated. DailyMail

Also yesterday, Trump was busy endorsing Senator candidate Roy Moore, an accused pedophile. Initially, a few republican politicians, like Mitch McConnell were against Roy Moore running. As soon as Trump supported him though, then Alabama voters got behind him, and eventually, so did republican Washington. Moore’s defeat is a slap in the face to Trump. Trump made a joke of the republican party by actually endorsing a pedophile. At least they can never call themselves the religious right again.

Are they religious because they are so protective over a mother’s embryo? 

That can’t be, because those embryos become children. Republicans have now endorsed old men that sexually molest those same children! 

Also yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley issued a strange rebuke of two of Trump’s judicial nominees. He urged him to rethink his nominations. For a politician of the same party to doubt his president’s nominations, is unheard of. One of these judges, has never presided over a courtroom. He even got sub-par ratings from the bar concerning being a lawyer, CNN1.

Also yesterday, it was revealed that the man accused of blowing up a subway station in New York, had posted on his Facebook account,

Trump you failed to protect your nation. CNN2

The only reason Trump is in the White House, is because of his platforms to ban Muslims and Hispanics from the country. Trump’s manipulation of hatred is coming back to bite us in the rear, as terrorists are plotting revenge. Who knows who will be in the next terrorist explosion? I assure you, that people will die only because of the offensive things Trump said about Muslims. Had he never said those things, then he wouldn’t have gotten elected, and he wouldn’t have gotten his tax cuts passed.

If you voted for anyone but Hillary Clinton, you were tricked by Trump. Don’t feel bad. A lot of Americans are in that large boat.

But you were tricked. Just to verify that you wont be tricked again, please check with a smart neighbor or family member before going to the voting booth again. Thank you.