Trump signed this space legislation on Monday, directing NASA to work with the private sector to get us back to the moon in 45 years. I guess that would be commendable if Trump got man back on the moon, but his request really makes no sense. Considering that he slashed NASA’s funding in his budget, it seems very unlikely that such an accomplishment could transpire.

Another weird thing about this Trump space initiative, is that it runs full circle around Obama’s 2010 NASA initiative, to orbit Mars by the 2030s. We’ve already been to the moon. Why would he propose sending us back there?

Today, US spends an all time low on NASA. In May, Trump requested $19.1 billion in funding for NASA. Business Insider asked NASA how much Trump’s moon landing will cost? Trump’s proposed 2018 budget calls for an even bigger slash. The $18-19 billion spent on NASA is less than half of one single percent of all federal money. BusinessInsider

Although we have been there before, going to the moon costs a lot. In 1966, the federal government spent about 4.5% of the national budget to beat the Ruskies to the moon. Compare that to today’s less than half of one percent, and you’ll be lucky to buy a toy Lego space ship.

In just a few paragraphs, I have proven that Trump can’t be serious about sending us to the moon. So now we tackle the real question: why would Trump even say that? To discover that answer, let’s jump back a few days to Monday, the day that Trump told America that we were going to the moon.

Monday was not very good for Trump. Some of the articles about him on that day were, How Trump Came Around to a Child Molester, Trump Sexual Misconduct Accusations Repeated by Several Women, 5 Senators Call on Trump to Resign over Misconduct Allegations. Yes, Monday was bad. However, it wasn’t as bad as Tuesday. My article from yesterday in fact, was about how bad Trump’s Tuesday was.

On a side note, about a year ago, there was a petition to send Trump into outer space. Mind you, it was supposed to be a one way ticket, PoliticalHaze1.

Trump is a master of the media. Trump is constantly using the media to distract people. Watch my left hand, as my right one picks your pocket. This wouldn’t be the first time Trump made some bold announcement that never transpired.