I wrote this article a few months ago. It was about this republican rising star. Wes Goodman was a 33 year old Ohio republican state legislator. He was married to a woman who organizes anti-abortion rallies. Wes was a vehement anti-gay basher. At all of his rallies, he would promote “natural marriage” and “family values”. Every Ohio conservative was very proud of Wes.

Alas, it turned out Wes was going through some tormenting identity problems. While he was building a political career on discriminating against gays, he himself was as gay as they get. Wes’ homosexuality began long before he got into politics. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer in 2015, when Wes was in his twenties, he unzipped the pants of a teenage boy and fondled him during the Council of National Policy. In 2010, Wes was sexting other gay men he met around Washington.

Last November, Goodman was caught having sex with a man in his office. Since then though, it has only gotten worse for Goodman. Two men have come out to discuss their sexual exploits with the Ohio republican legislator. Both of them met Goodman on Craigslist. Wes got such a kick out of how easy it was to fool those bible-thumping anti-gay republican voters. That isn’t so hard to see. Goodman, a promiscuous bisexual, won the anti-gay vote. Goodman shared the joke with his friends, by sending emails about fooling around with an underage boy at an anti-gay rally. Queerty

Goodman was a young politician who understood that it was far easier to be a republican, than a democrat. To be a democrat, Goodman would have to have knowledge of various social and political issues. He would also need formative ideas and solutions. A republican though, just has to broadcast their hatred for different groups of people. Most republican seats are won by the loudest candidate.

One of these two men, who confessed about a relationship with Goodman, said that he worked for the Romney campaign in 2012. Makes you wonder exactly how many of these anti-gay gun-toting republicans are homosexual.