Looking back on the past twenty years, the good times in America versus the bad times, could be arranged by first discerning who the president was. Economy was good, world peace was good and society was good all under democrats but bad under republicans. Although that might sound extreme, is it false? Check out this graph from the Joint Economic Committee.

According to this research, businesses in America under democrats, add jobs at almost 2.5 the rate than republicans. Let’s be fair. A lot of factors, not just who is sitting in the White House, determine the efficacy of our economy. But the biggest factor of course, is the government. And it could hardly be considered a coincidence if under every republican rule the economy is bad but good under democrats.

The economy is really the most important factor in determining whether or not the quality of life was better under a democrat or under a republican. Domestic social harmony as well as world peace correlate with the economy. A good American economy for example, usually exists under good global economies. In addition, when the economy is good there is world peace.

Think Trump is divisive and bad? The previous republican president was even worse. He started wars based on fabricated intel. And then all the money went to the Vice President’s company! Trump is like Abraham Lincoln compared to George Bush Jr.! That whole anthrax scare was terrifying. I couldn’t even open my mail in peace. America never did figure out who sent the anthrax. Anthrax could only be produced in government facilities. Plus, it was ironic, that the anthrax scare was at the exact same time that Junior needed public support to go to war. What better way to gain approval for war then by sending toxic chemicals to people’s mailboxes??!!

The past year under Trump has been no picnic as well. Trump only got into office by making us hate our neighbor. Whether they be a Muslim or a Hispanic, Trump encourages us to attack first and ask later. After all, he did call white supremacists “very fine people”! Like Adolf Hitler, he also set up containment offices to restrain innocent people based on their religion or their race. This is not America anymore.

I don’t think any American would say that our country under Trump and Junior was better or even comparable to the Camelot days of Clinton and Obama. Despite booming economies, the rest of the world liked us. I know the angry tank-top wearing Trumpkin doesn’t care about global peace. After all, Donald Trump campaigned on the notion that other countries were taking advantage of us. Trump successfully convinced his supporters to turn their back on the rest of their world. To John and Jane Trumpkin, we are not part of the world, rather we are an island.

The same mentality could be seen during Junior’s years. In a ploy to get money for his friends and supporters, Junior attacked a country and killed little children and women. It was all based on fabricated information that was doctored by his administration!

George W. Bush’s CIA briefer admits Iraq WMD “intelligence” was a lie

To make things even more deplorable for our country, after republicans completely destroy our country, by stealing all of our benefits and handing them to their wealthy donors, and a democrat takes control, republicans fight them on everything. Remember Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s admitted goal when he first came into office?

my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’ 


After all that, people still vote for republicans. In that case, don’t we deserve the deplorable government we’ve been handed?! As many of my articles reiterate, our problems stem from our lack of education. Only when those gun toting and cross burning republicans get a good education will they see the error of their ways. As of now, Pappy was the only person to educate them. Maybe if teachers earned a higher salary, our children would not be as ignorant and hateful as their great grand fathers.