The President of the United States made a big statement when he called Haiti a ‘shithole’. Donald Trump was pondering why it seemed only people from ‘shithole’ countries like Haiti want to come to America. The world responded in fury. In fact, everyone but Trump and his supporters were furious over his disgusting comment. After reading this article though, I doubt even the most loyal Trumpkin could sleep easy knowing Trump could call Haiti what he did while stealing millions of dollars from it in the past.

A Snopes article uncovered a 1986 article from New York Magazine, about Haiti trying to seize a few apartments in Trump Tower purchased through a shell company.

Investigators working for the new government of Haiti have uncovered what they believe is almost $5 million worth of New York real estate owned by interests linked to the family of deposed president Jean-Claude Duvalier.

These assets consist of five Manhattan apartments, including a fifty-fourth-floor Trump Tower condominium bought in August 1983 for $1.65 million. This is the first reported instance of Duvalier assets being discovered in the United States.

It gets interesting now, and our president’s “shithole” comment, only makes it more repulsive.

In 1986, the embattled President of Haiti, Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier, fled the country in exile.  ‘Baby Doc’s’ regime was smothered in blood. He was a vicious dictator.

His 15 years of rule were a time of repression in Haiti that included the torture of opponents and the taking of political prisoners.
In addition, there were allegations that “Baby Doc” embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International had documented what they call systematic human rights violations under Duvalier’s rule. Both organizations accuse Duvalier of imprisoning and torturing hundreds of Haitians, including journalists, and using violent means to silence voices of opposition. CNN
‘Baby Doc’ robbed the Haitian people blind and then used that money to buy real estate from Donald Trump. These facts have been established for decades. Donald Trump had no problem taking that money and offering the embattled ruler a life in luxury. And then 35 years later, Trump has the audacity to call this beautiful country a ‘shithole’? Trump took stolen money from the crushed Haitian people. Trump also  hid their dictator while the blood was still dripping off of his hands.
Our president is as guilty as ‘Baby Doc’.

To make things even more disgusting. A group of volunteers who were on their way to help Haiti, thought twice, after Trump’s comments. These volunteers are scared that the hostility Trump’s comments have inspired, may put them in jeopardy in Haiti.

In conclusion, Trump takes millions of dollars from Haiti, hides their exiled dictator, and then calls the country a ‘shithole’, making volunteers refuse to go help Haiti. Haiti has now accused Donald Trump of money laundering, PalmerReport. If they could prove that exiled leader ‘Baby Doc’ stole money from Haiti and used it to buy Trump property, that money should be returned.

Literally, the worst of the worst from all over the world, have Trump in common. Helly Nahmad was sent to prison for five months for a high stakes gambling ring. You could find him on floor 51 of Trump Tower. Jose Marin is currently spending house arrest in Trump Towers from FIFA bribery charges. Italian fashion heiress Susetta Mion, is shacked up on floor 32 after being accused of stealing some of the family fortune. Curbed

Trump supporters will refute that Trump knowingly allowed criminals to launder their money with him in exchange for property. But it is difficult to argue with facts.

Such as:

  • More than one fifth of all the Trump apartment since the eighties were all cash transactions.
  • More than 1,300 Trump apartments were bought by shell companies, not individuals. Buzzfeed

According to the Treasury Department, these two characteristics signal  money laundering. Corrupt politicians, drug traffickers, and criminals looking to transfer dirty money into legitimate investment find Trump properties to be great solutions. When Trump Tower was built, it was only the second high rise in New York that allowed anonymous buyers, The Making of Donald Trump.

To think that the money Trump used to buy his children Christmas gifts was stolen from starving Haitian children is chilling enough to make anyone’s blood go cold. Mueller’s investigation has uncovered Trump and his link to some of the coldest most deplorable criminals of the past century. They all committed their crimes against humanity, and then poured that money into Trump Towers for asylum.

Trump is no different from any of these criminals whose dirty money he protected. I’d say he is worse. Trump’s list of crimes and helpless victims is bigger than Trump Towers. All the women he sexually took advantage of, all the children he scammed out of a tuition, all the criminals he hid from the law, and the country that he stole are just a grain of sand on the beach of Trump crimes.