When they write the obituary to the republican party, Steve Bannon will certainly be hailed as the killer. The weird part though, will be the details. Historians will be puzzled, while they study recordings of Steve Bannon admitting that his goal is to destroy the republican party. Undoubtedly, they will be confused over why a republican would vote for a candidate whose adviser wants to destroy the republicans party.

Is it any shock to these voters, to see the republican party collapsing before their eyes? After all, to watch the republican party go up in smoke was always Steve Bannon’s goal. He never hid his disgust for republicans. You voted for someone who wanted to destroy your party. Don’t be bummed to see your party destroyed.

Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment. – Steve Bannon

For centuries, historians will try to deduce why republicans voted for someone who had expressed a desire to kill their party. One possible theory will be that the people who voted for Trump were illiterate, and couldn’t read stories about Bannon’s conviction to destroy the republican party. Instead, they watched Donald Trump on television making jokes and dancing. They were so enamored with Trump, like little children watching a circus monkey dance across the stage, that they were blind to everything else. Watch my left hand, as my right hand takes your wallet.

Trump rode to the White House on the shoulders of the alt-right. The alt-right made up about  a third of the republican vote. Ironically, Trump’s approval ratings have been about 33% his entire presidency. Every thing he does, from setting up Muslim detention centers, to getting out of the Paris Accord, to praising the KKK is for that 30% alt-right. It makes sense that the only people approving of Trump are the ones that he is serving.

According to the Associated Press, “Every major decision at the new White House has involved Bannon.” Bannon was the middle man between Trump and Trump’s only supporters. Trump assumed that if he could keep Bannon’s group pleasantly moist, than he would always have approval ratings at least around 33%.

It’s not my war; this is our war,” Bannon said at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. “And y’all didn’t start it, the establishment started it.”

But now, a new book has come out, in which Bannon accuses Donald Trump of being a traitor, among several other deplorable adjectives. The book is vicious to Trump. A democrat would never dream of saying as terrible things to Donald Trump, as his former chief advisor does so eloquently. The book is insult after insult about Donald Trump. It even has Ivanka, Donald Trump’s favorite daughter, making fun of that weird Chia pet on his head.

At first, Trump’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to Bannon, in an attempt to silence him. Then yesterday, Trump’s lawyer tried to intimidate the publisher from releasing the book. Little dog is doing a lot of barking but no biting. Trump is up to his old games, hoping his lawyers could intimidate plaintiffs from filing a suit.

Like the women that accused Trump of sexual harassment. Trump threatened to sue all of them for slander. But of course he never would. Of course, Trump wouldn’t want to bring his sexual harassment charges into the spot light. The last thing Trump would want, is for a judge to be analyzing his sexual harassment charges. However, threatening to file a lawsuit, makes Trump look innocent to his gullible and uneducated supporters.

In his defense, Trump supporters are blasting Bannon in the comments section of his website Breitbart.

Even Donald Trump Jr. expressed his feelings, in his usual valley girl-esque language.

Bannon is the alt-right leader with his Breitbart news empire that caters to them. When he brought Bannon into his cabinet, Trump automatically pocketed that enormous alt-right crowd. The alt-right was so enamored with Trump, that if republicans didn’t make him their nominee, the back lash against republicans would have been brutal. Essentially, the republicans were forced into nominating Donald Trump. At first, they didn’t want to nominate him, because he was the anti-thesis to that respectable religious-right republican.

Where this feud ends, no one knows. However, one thing that everyone can agree on, is that it won’t end pretty for the republican party. Whether people side with Bannon or with Trump, either way, the republican party will be slashes into two divisive factions. A conservative civil war will undoubtedly brew.

Wasn’t that Bannon’s plan all along? You republicans voted for him, after he said he wanted to destroy your party. Obama or Hillary or even Bill never damaged the republican party as much as Trump’s administration has!