Former President Bill Clinton started the Clinton Foundation in 1997. At the time, Bill Clinton said that the goal of the foundation was to “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” The sole purpose of the foundation was to help impoverished people across the world fight disease, starvation and disasters. Bill, Chelsea and Hillary don’t take salaries from the charity despite what her political opponents say. As difficult as it is to fathom such a disgusting trick, during the ’16 elections Donald Trump supporters and then Bernie Sanders supporters accused the charity of being some sort of scam to enrich Hillary.

Now the accepted belief among Americans is that Hillary is crooked. Imagine that. A lady devoted her life to feeding starving children across the world, her legal career was spent helping women and children, but now she is deemed a crook. Does that say more about the candidates, who invented these baseless accusations, or the public for believing them? Beyond repulsive for people to destroy an organization devoted to helping others.

To imagine wealthy people like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders maliciously denigrating The Clinton Foundation, an organization devoted to helping sick people and starving children, is beyond disgusting. After the accusations were launched, the Clinton Foundation donations plummeted. In effect, thousands of people around the world won’t get their medicines or won’t get to eat breakfast, meanwhile Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump eat clams and drink champagne. Damn those people! God forbid, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders are ever so broken that they have to rely on the benevolence of someone as saintly as Hillary.


After all the accusations that flew regarding the Clinton foundation, it is shocking that the foundation is still truckin’. Shocking for several reasons. Primarily, at one time during the election the charity was considered to be this laundromat for dirty money. Trump scoffed at the thought of this charity really helping the thousands of little children that it does. Trump’s Russian fake news campaign along with GOP’s relentless investigations into the Clinton Foundation eventually did the trick! In March 2015, the charity watchdog group Charity Navigator added the Clinton Foundation to a list of charities considered questionable. The list was merely setup to warm donors that all the charities on the list had questionable practices. As a result, donations to the foundation plunged. As Bernie and Donald and Fox News celebrated, thousands of little children were unable to eat. Wikipedia

But here is the weird part, just a few months later, the Charity Navigator concluded that Clinton Foundation was not corrupt, and was taken off their watchdog list. Plus, in September 2016, the Clinton Foundation earned the highest possible rating for charities, a four out of four. Another charity rating website, CharityWatch, said an astonishing 88% of the Clinton Foundation’s money goes to it’s charitable cause. Despite all of this praise, it requires intelligence to admit you were wrong. Therefore, pretty much every Trump and Bernie supporter will ignore the facts, and keep holding on to those baseless accusations. Just read the messages to this article. Undoubtedly, many will refute my article. Where is their evidence? How did they form their opinions?

Despite the demands of Bernie and Trump supporters, the Clinton Foundation does help a lot of people, many more than Trump and Bernie help combined. According to the Clinton Foundation website,

  • 35,000 American schools can provide their students with healthy food choices.
  • More than 150,000 farmers in Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania have been taught climate-smart agronomic techniques, which in turn, produce higher yields.
  • 8.5 million trees have been planted
  • More than 11.5 million people in over 70 countries now have access to cheaper HIV medicines
  • ….and many more…

Still, many people, probably a majority of our country, will insist that the foundation is nefarious. Ironically, rumors about the Clinton Foundation started in Russia, as did all of the other Hillary scandals. These rumors successfully ruined one of the most admired women in our countries history. It is fact that Putin pumped fake news story after fake news about Hillary. Some of the stories were about how she stole money from her charity, others were about her child sex ring out of a pizzeria, don’t forget Benghazzi or her email scandal.

The funny part is how many Americans feel Hillary belongs in jail, despite all the investigations into her always concluding she did nothing wrong. The two year GOP led investigation into the 2012 attack on the Baghazi Embassy found Hillary did nothing wrong. In fact, every investigation into the women found her innocent.

Trump and Bernie made you hate Hillary. It is so much easier to make someone hate than to love. All Bernie or Trump had to do was show you another fake news story that backed up your hatred, and that hatred would just intensify. At least those stories did the trick for Trump. He fooled so many people into hating Hillary that he won the election. Mission was accomplished for him when he passed the tax cut that would save him and the uber wealthy top 1% billions of dollars. That was the goal all along. He made you hate a woman who devoted her life to helping others, so he could eventually take money from us. Think of all those little babies who won’t eat, because you were so quick to hate. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.