Trump nominated Department of Education head Betsy Devos has spent her career destroying public education. She is one of the nation’s biggest proponents of charter schools. Before becoming Secretary of the Department of Education, Betsy Devos’ job was to convince government to give money to charter schools as opposed to public schools. Charter schools can be a very profitable business. The shocking part is that Trump appointed someone to head the Department of Education, that has spent their lives destroying the Department of Education. Save your tears for our children.

Republicans are always trying to redirect benefits that the government provides, so that instead, their wealthy friends provide them. We are still getting the benefits, but the money goes to the private industry instead of our government. Healthcare is the exact same thing. Republicans don’t want the government to control healthcare. Republicans much prefer healthcare to stay in the hands of their wealthy friends and families, where it is subjected to the exorbitant pricing of a monopoly.

This is what happens when the uneducated are allowed to vote!

We all knew that public schools were going to take a beating under Betsy Devos however, no one knew it would be this bad. Now we know that Betsy isn’t just working for charter schools, she also is helping the banking industry rape and pillage our children struggling with college debt.

Obama promised to completely erase loans taken out by students that enrolled in the massive Corinthian College scam. Sadly, the first thing Betsy Devos did in office was to shred Obama’s promise. Instead, she told those frightened and defrauded students that loan forgiveness would depend on the student’s income, Newsweek. In other words, Betsy feels if the student makes a nice salary, than it doesn’t matter that they were scammed.


Devos made a few other changes that would make it more difficult for defrauded students to ever see a single penny of their stolen money. For starters, Devos told our nation’s children that they would get their loans back. But then in real tiny words, she continues, as long as they can prove, without doubt, that they were scammed. Under Devos’ changes, borrowers need to meet a stricter “clear and convincing evidence” standard. Essentially, these changes make it more difficult for borrowers to qualify for student loan forgiveness.

Isn’t this disgusting. A wealthy organization scams little children out of an education. And then the government protects the thief! I just got a chill up my spine.

To make things even more nauseating, our Commandeer-In-Chief just paid almost $30 million to settle a massive class action, in which he was accused of very similar charges. Trump University was a massive scam in which Trump preyed on little children pursuing an education. Turns out the college was a scam. Thousands of children sued to get their money back. Unlike the children that Betsy Devos neglected, Trump University victims won and got their money back.


Another stipulation that Betsy Devos enforced to make it more difficult for these defrauded children, is that they will only get loan forgiveness as long as they can prove that the school intended to mislead them. That means, these children are going to have to hire lawyers. It is doubtful that any young person, while they are struggling to pay their student loans, could afford a lawyer.

Betys Devos also requires our defrauded children to prove that they have suffered a monetary loss. If these kids were living with their parents while going to school, it would be difficult to prove such monetary loss.

The real killer, is that students used to have six years to fill out their application. Now, under Betsy Devos, they only have three years. Forbes

I get it. Someone obviously persuaded Betsy Devos to alter the loan forgiveness legislation, so that college scams like Corithina College would pay less money in damages. But who will be the real victims of Betsy Devos’ disdain for our nation’s children? America will be the most harmed. An entire generation has been bankrupted before they even graduate college. How will that affect America in ten years? Is anything more disgusting than the Trump administration actually siding with two bit scam artists that steal money from children!?

Although those scammed children will never get their tuition back, at least that money pays for the Mimosas that Betsy Devos and Donald Trump sip on at his resorts.