Trump ran on hatred. His biggest campaign promise was to block certain religions and ethnic groups from entering our country. Considering such platforms, the more hateful he made his supporters against these minority groups, the more desired Trump became to them. Hitler used the exact same campaign tactic. For example, the world was shocked, when Trump defended white supremacists, after a member killed a protester. Trump was unable to stand in front of a camera and say that white supremacy and racism is wrong. Even after a member threatened his Jewish son-in-law and grandchildren, Trump still refused to condemn hate groups. Such hateful speech, only made his supporters admire him more.

As the world watched in disgust, Trump’s base roared with approval. As a result, Trump is a very lucky guy. He could say something, that offends the majority of Americans and still maintain his support. The uglier his comment is, the more his base will respect him. In other words, he really can’t do wrong. It is win-win for him. He could scream racial epithets on camera, and his approval rating will never drop. It sure as heck-fire won’t go up. but it won’t go down.

Of course, this is far more an indication of his uneducated base, than it is of Donald Trump. Trump’s supporters think that Trump is in it for them. The uglier his speech, the more the infatuation of his supporters swell. Despite his Jewish family, his white supremacist supporters believe that Trump genuinely feels superior to Jews, Middle Easterns, Hispanics, and every other minority. Mind you, he has done nothing at all to help them. He has even taken away their federal benefits. But as long as he can fool them into thinking that he is one of them, they will continue to support him.

Trump’s approval rating hinges at about 33%. One in three Americans agree with Trump’s hate speech. As a result, the more hateful things he says, the more that third of America will like him. Trump could rectify his language. He could sound more like Obama, but then his only supporters would reject him. And then he’d have no one.

The other day, during his immigration speech, Trump appeared to endorse a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants. Maybe he just said this as a test – to see what the reaction would be. The reaction was brutal. Several conservative talk show hosts threatened Trump, that they would stop endorsing him if he followed through.

Suddenly, Trump changed his tune. Suddenly, Trump was against immigration. How could someone, let alone the president of the United States, change his opinion on something so important, that affects hundreds of thousands of lives and families, like a teenager rummaging through a bin of shirts at the GAP?

Imagine supporting a president like that, whose opinion fluctuates as rapidly as the wind. How could you support anyone who is so persuaded? I was taught to admire perseverance and determination. Not someone who delicately says one thing and then reverses. People like that are not leaders. They are just concerned with their image.

Trump has this third of the country in his pocket. Travel to some desolate pocket of the country, and Trumpkins there will tell you how Trump walks on water. Trump has bent over backwards to appease these supporters. Political analysts scratch their heads in mystery. Why would Trump sacrifice his name, his brand, his family, to build some stupid wall, to kick out Muslims from the country or to praise the KKK? I have speculated that TrumpTV has always been his goal. Here is one of my several articles about this. Real estate is up and down. Own a television channel, with a third of the country eating out of your palm, and you are looking at a massive fortune. I bet you this was Trump’s mission all along. After corralling those uneducated bible-thumpers, Trump will pinch them for ever penny they got!