Donald Trump, as do all republicans, really admires former republican president Ronald Reagan. There is an obvious reason for this. Republicans have a huge problem in citing political heroes, because literally, all republican presidents turn out to be disasters for the country. The bottom line is that Ronald Reagan was the least harmful republican president in the past fifty years. As a result, republicans worship Reagan.

One difference that separates Reagan from all the other republican presidents since, was that Reagan was handed a bad economy and turned it into a good one. Both Bushes took a great economy and killed it by injecting Reagonomics into it. Reagonimics implies that if we cut taxes of the wealthiest Amerians, benefits will trickle down to everyone else. Sounds great, but it has proven not to work every single time it’s put into effect. Regardless, republican presidents, love the thought of “trickle down” so much, that they always use it. Our current president’s tax reform could be the biggest trickle down bill in our nation’s history. Reagan gave republicans an excuse to take away your child’s education and your dad’s healthcare and transform it into a tax break for their wealthy family members.

In summary, Reagan was the only president to not f*** up the country as badly as the republican presidents to follow. As a result, he is the only person worthy of republican admiration. A republican that doesn’t like Reagan is like a fish that doesn’t like water. Neither will survive very long. Of all the 2016 republican nominees, all of them would praise Reagan as the epitome of conservative values.

When Donald Trump converted to a republican (incidentally, shortly before he ran for president), the first thing he had to do was quit talking smack about Reagan. Early yesterday, Trump wrote this very endearing tweet about Reagan.

However, Trump’s endearing passions for Reagan have just developed recently, since he became a republican. Trump used to be very critical about Ronald Reagan. Just pick up a copy of his book Art of the Deal, from 1987, to witness the seething hatred Trump once had for Reagan.

Trump’s dynasty did horrible under Reagan. Trump Airlines, The Trump Board Game, The Trump Football team, Tour de Trump were some of Trump’s more costly business failures of the eighties. In the late eighties, in fact, Trump was teetering on financial bankruptcy, NYTimes. Trump could say now how great Reagan is, but his empire really took a beating during Reagan’s terms. Anyone who argues this can’t be that sharp. If you agree that Trump’s wealth is the most important thing to him, and you agree, according to business records, that he did terrible under Reagan, isn’t it a safe assumption that Trump didn’t like Reagan?!

In 1987, Trump spent almost $100,000 to run a full page ad in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post to criticize Reagan’s foreign policy. You think you hate Trump? Imagine hating him so much you spend $100,000 to publish a critique of his policy!

The ad read,

There’s nothing wrong with America’s Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can’t cure. The world is laughing at America’s politicians as we protect ships we don’t own, carrying oil we don’t need, destined for allies who won’t help.

In his Art of the Deal, Trump wrote that Reagan

is so smooth and so effective a performer that he completely won over the American people. Only now, nearly seven years later, are people beginning to question whether there’s anything beneath that smile. Buzzfeed

All that resentment towards Reagan’s economy has dulled a lot, ever since he ran for republican presidential nominee. Now, when he talks about Reagan he uses the same beautified adjectives one would use to describe a unicorn or a rose petal. However, every now and then Trump’s real feelings towards Reagan come out. Just yesterday, as the media was reporting on accusations that Trump was not mentally fit, Trump tweeted this strange statement,

It sounds like Trump is insinuating that Reagan’s mental fitness was also questioned by the media. Except it wasn’t. No one was “screaming mental stability” about Reagan. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1994, five years after leaving the White House. Why would Trump say that though? Think of your favorite president, would you ever, by accident, falsely make up that the media accused him of suffering from mental illness? Of course not.

Instead, imagine if you were talking about a president you didn’t like. Would it be so hard to imagine criticizing this president’s mental state of being?

Anyway, Donald Trump’s America is completely different from Reagan’s Utopian vision. Back then, Reagan’s republican party saw America as a “shining city on a hill” that was “the last best hope of man on earth”, CommentaryMagazine. Reagan recognized America was the leader of the world. As such, we had a responsibility.

Trump is against helping other countries. Trump does not understand the requirements of being the world leader, and certainly could not comprehend the benefits. To Trump, all of our protection efforts around the world, are really nothing more than wastes of money. His uneducated supporters could easily digest this logic. It is easy to scoff at spending money for other people, but much harder to identify the benefits in doing so.

The only similarity between Trump and Ronald Reagan, is that both wanted to give as much money to their wealthy family and friends. They differed in policy and demeanor. What else is there in a conservative’s blood? Trump was a democrat his whole life. He wrote a book bashing republican demagogue Ronald Reagan. His kids couldn’t even vote for him in the primaries, because they were all registered democrats. What does any of that matter though? Trump passed one of the hugest tax cuts in American history. By stripping us of benefits, he saved the top 1% googles of cash.  So what else matters?