You have to really ask yourself why President Trump continues to place the worst possible nominations in positions of prominence in our government. It would be one thing if his nominations were lousy. A bad choice doesn’t have any nefarious intent. But almost all of Trump’s nominations are like the worst possible choices. You really need to wonder what his intentions are. Look at his judicial nominations for example. They were so terrible, even the GOP Senate failed to approve them. Last week, the nominations expired. So he actually resubmits them! You have thousands of judges to chose from. Why keep resubmitting ones that are either considered “non-qualified”, or ones that are considered defamatory?

Of these 21 judicial nominations, two are considered “not qualified” by the American Bar to be federal judges. That is so rare for the ABA to rate a nomination as “not qualified”. As of a month ago, four of Trump’s nominations were rated as “not qualified” by the ABA. Two of those “not qualified” were deemed unanimously.

Some of his other lifetime judicial nominations could be accused of civil rights violations. Thomas Farr, for example, Trump’s choice for a lifetime seat on US District Court for the Eastern district of North Carolina, has spent most of his professional life weakening the voting rights for African Americans.

In 1990, he was a lawyer for GOP. Sen. Jesse Helms. Helms notoriously sent 100,000 postcards to African Americans telling them that they were ineligible to vote, and that if they tried to vote they could be arrested. Farr denied that he was a part of that meeting, in which the postcards idea was discussed. However, the notes of someone who was there, proved that Farr was actually present, NewsObserver

Civil rights leaders have said that Farr would be one of the worst federal court nominees in our nation’s history, HuffingtonPost. Almost all of Trump’s judicial nominees are deplorable. Kyle Duncan, for example, has actually written legal briefs on opposition to same-sex marriages! He also unsuccessfully attempted to preserve a North Carolina law, that federal judges felt attacked African America voters “with surgical precision”! Matthew Kacsmaryk has fought the state’s ban on various “therapy” programs on LGBT children. Mark Norris has tried to ban communities from removing pro-slavery confederate statues. He also designed a website that compares refugees with Islamic terrorists!

Your guess is as good as mine, as to why Trump would nominate these volatile choices to our nation’s top judicial positions. His choices will inevitably be costly and bring trouble to our nation. For example, even if one of these judges rules according to evidence and justice, if the defendant dislikes the ruling all they have to do is question the judge’s background and opinion to get a retrial. There are thousands of judges in the country. Isn’t it bizarre that Trump would nominate the most controversial judges to be lifetime positions? It is almost as if he is trying to destroy our country.