Every time I read a Fox news article, my opinions are validated. I am right and they are wrong. I find so many inconsistencies with their flimsy arguments, that I am baffled so many fellow Americans fall for this shit. Its sort of like a pat on my back- verification that my views are correct. View Fox in this way, and you will become it’s biggest viewer. Observing stupidity always makes us feel smarter. I read a Fox article yesterday entitled No, Russia didn’t work to elect Trump — It works to divide Americans, with the help of Democrats. The article is almost comically wrong. It is mind boggling to think that so many Americans will read this and take it for gospel.

The article accepts that Russia influenced our election. However, the article stipulates that democrats are the ones helping Russia. Putin’s main objective was to divide America. I entirely agree with this. According to the article though, the democratic investigations into Russia-Trump is the elephant in the room. Democrats are the guilty ones for investigating possibly the greatest crime every committed to this country. If Democrats would only shut up and sit down, then maybe Trump could be allowed to govern. Basically, that is the point of the article.

At least a reader could discern some truth from the article. Yes. Putin’s main objective was to sow discord across our country. That much I agree with that. But to blame democrats for investigating people who robbed our election, is wrong at best and treasonable at worst. Either way you look at it, condemning anyone for trying to investigate national security crimes is unpatriotic.

The ironic thing of the article, is that while it desperately tried to blame democrats, Russian collusion was only made possible because of republicans. If someone wishes to compel dissonance, all they need to do is make a few people very angry. You don’t need to piss off everyone, but if you could convince a few people that they are being cheated or that their government is trying to work against them, then you have the first sparks of a tremendous forest fire.

The Fox article admits that Russia did interfere in our election. The Fox article also proposes that Russia successfully made America hate each other. However, to suggest democrats aided Russia in this campaign of hatred is preposterous, considering that all Russian fake news was aimed directly at republican voters.

The argument of this article makes no sense. The article contradicts itself. Fox admits that Russia infiltrated our election by disseminating fake news articles. Therefore, shouldn’t we equally blame Republicans for overwhelmingly believing these articles?

All Russian fake news was written with the intent of fooling uneducated and poor republicans – the exact same traits that make up Trump’s staunchest supporters. People who are poor, angry and uneducated are generally extremely hopeful, desperately eager for a brand new life and new leadership. Whether it was ads promoting Black Lives Matter or support for Hillary Clinton among Muslim women or the Hillary Pizzagate child sex ring. All of these stories or ads were intended to enrage republicans.

The Only Fake News is Peddled by Conservative Media

To insinuate democrats are guilty for trying to find the truth and to ensure America is never attacked like this again, is what should really enrage people. Still, half the country falls for this stuff. The real kicker is that the people who agree with this article are the same people who also bought that smear Hillary campaign.

Over and over again, republicans were fooled by Russians. Russians just kept feeding the Hillary hate machine with fake news. Republicans and even Bernie supporters couldn’t get enough of these stories! But now, Fox is telling those same republicans, ‘Blame the democrats for Russia’s interference’. As a result, those republicans take a great sigh of relief.