I have written countless articles on Ivanka. This is a bold statement, but she might be my least favorite of that deplorable clan. At least Donald Trump is real. He is offensive, brash, rude and vile. However, he doesn’t try to mask that. Ivanka though, is just as bad as her pop, maybe even worse, but she tries to pretend that she is the best thing for women’s rights since Joan of Arc. The other day, Ivanka decided to edit her Twitter profile. She replaced,

“passionate advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls”


“wife, mother, sister, daughter”. IBTimes

I don’t want to give her any credit that she doesn’t deserve. I am willing to bet my left pinky that Ivanka didn’t remove “advocate for women” because she felt guilty because she isn’t one. Guilt is a human emotion and requires a heart. I guarantee this was an order from the highest leader in the land. For example, she also killed the word “entrepreneur” from her Twitter profile, because that word implies that Ivanka is profiting from her father’s position. I’m sure Papa Dukes didn’t like that and threatened to ground her if those words were not removed.

I take my hat off to Ivanka. Now that she admits she does nothing to help the plight of women, I can’t call her two-faced. Ever since her father moved into the White House, Ivanka, who claimed to be a savior for impoverished women and girls, would turn the other cheek to her father’s behavior that would make any feminist cringe with disgust. Imagine if Ivanka publicly denounced her father’s sexual charades! What a message that would be. Women all over the world would praise Ivanka. That was all it would have taken for her to become the women liberator she wants to be so badly. But I guess however much she wanted to rescue women all over the world, it was more important to keep daddies Lamborghini.

You really can’t blame her. She sees how her father does whatever he wants, and his toothless supporters line up in droves just to be in his presence. She must have figured that she could just as easily had a string of sweatshops that pay Chinese women next to nothing and forces them to work ungodly hours, but then maintain this facade of the women crusader. If dad could do it, why can’t she?

Even the most stubborn and defiant Trumpkin would admit, anyone related to the president shouldn’t be given a business advantage. Imagine what Republicans would have done, if the day that Bill met the Chinese president, Chelsea’s brand was awarded Chinese trademarks. This is exactly what happened with Ivanka. The same day that her pop and the Chinese president dined on steaks at Mara-lago, thousands of miles away, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC. was awarded three new trademarks.

Chinese trademarks are not easy for American businesses to nab. According to this article, as a result of slowing economic growth, US businesses are having the toughest time in decades, getting what Ivanka got in a heartbeat.

That explains why Ivanka removed “entrepreneur” from her Twitter profile, but why scratch off an “advocate for women”? After all, she has published several books, that are just vehicles to empower women. Ivanka wants every little girl to know that if they have a dream they should fight for it. Her books are collections of quotes that could inspire any woman.

*** WARNING – Reading these quotes may cause extreme nausea. ***

“You have to grow into your confidence to express yourself. Self-expression in some form, isn’t always appropriate in the office–overly funky styles or multiple tattoos — but it is in the form of being feminine. We shoul

d embrace that as women. The instinct is to suppress our femininity, which is rooted in a concept that we should blend. But how you get there is not through shoulder-pads or pinstripes. You gain the respect of your colleagues. If you have their respect, they will not criticize you for dressing like a woman.”

“It’s very hard to be great at what you do if you aren’t deeply passionate.”

 “Success isn’t something that happens to you; you happen to it.”

Au contraire, mi Ivanka. When your father owns his own airplane, so much success happens to you that it is difficult to avoid.  What have you done to deserve your success, besides being the fastest sperm in the pool? You haven’t done anything any little girl should admire. And nothing they should emulate!

Ivanka decided to make a surprise motivational speech at some high school about a month ago. The parents were furious. Who would want their child taking advice from a criminal. Just google “Ivanka Trump criminal” to see everything she has been charged with! Ivanka can’t relate with 99.99998% of all the women on this planet. Maybe she finally realized this and decided to edit her Twitter profile.

Washington Post investigation in July discovered workers at Chinese factories used by the Ivanka Trump brand faced 18-hour workdays and abuse from their managers. Even more disgusting, to ensure her workers give her as much time as possible, Ivanka’s company uses internal checks to ensure labor standards are met, instead of hiring outside auditors, a practice that is “totally out of step with what’s normal in the industry,” Sarah Newel said, a representative for a women’s rights group. Newsweek

Your guess is as good as mine, but for some reason the Daughter of Satan finally admits she isn’t an advocate for little girls.