Trump built his campaign around promises to the American working man. Trump promised that he would penalize any company that hired foreigners over Americans. Don’t worry about Mar-a-Lago though, Trump’s posh Palm Beach resort, where he ONLY hires foreigners because they are cheaper. The Carrier company in Indiana embodied all of Trump’s promises. Just as Trump got elected, in December 2016, he brokered a deal with the company and the state of Indiana. Miraculously, Trump persuaded the Indiana company to keep their American workers, and not hire cheaper foreign labor. It was amazing. When many of those people who voted for Trump watched him broker the deal with Indiana, saving countless Carrier jobs, they felt that they had done the right thing.

The Carrier publicity stunt was certainly an impressive show. Trump intentionally made Carrier the big symbol of American jobs being stolen by the Chinese. That way, it appeared as if Trump’s “negotiation skills” were really saving American jobs. After the deal was made, and those Carrier workers took a sigh of relief, turns out they were just puppets dancing on Trump’s stage. What we didn’t hear was how Carrier eliminated 500 jobs since July.

In fact, according to HuffingtonPost, since President Trump has been in office, MORE American jobs have been handed over to foreign soil. A month ago, 93,000 American jobs were whisked overseas from when Trump became president. That same span of time, over the past five years averaged 87,500 American jobs overseas.

The workers that I talk to feel betrayed, because he made promises that he didn’t keep,” said Robert James, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, which represents workers at firms including Carrier, its parent company United Technologies, Rexnord Corp. and Vertellus — all of which have laid off workers since late 2016. Politico

Trump made it a point to use Carrier as a prop to show to America that he was serious about keeping American jobs here. You’d think Trump would do everything possible to keep jobs at the company. If one factory in America keeps jobs here, for Trump sake, it should be Carrier. But as soon as he got elected, and he started working on keeping his taxes low, it was as if he didn’t care about Carrier. Jobs at  the company began fleeing the moment he was elected.

They’re not gonna leave this country, and the workers are gonna keep their jobs,” Trump, then president-elect, said that day in December 2016.

But the real head scratcher is that Carrier’s destiny was sealed long before Trump even uttered the name. February 10, 2016, Carrier announced that it was closing it’s plants in Indianapolis and Huntington and moving to Mexico. Trump gave all of those employees false hope that their jobs were secured, confident that such a move would help him get elected.

On a side note, lucky for Trump, but most America didn’t hear about Carrier’s abandonment of Trump’s vision. Story broke that Carrier was sending thousands of jobs to China and Mexico on Jan 12, the day that Trump made his “shithole” comment.

In my opinion, this is by far the most disgusting thing that Trump has done. In his quest for votes, he preyed on the nation’s most vulnerable. Just look at his base! Uneducated and dirt poor – the perfect ingredients for a slick salesman. He gave them hope. False hope is still considered hope.

Check this article out that I wrote a few weeks ago. Very sad. It is about unemployed coal miners, that are so convinced that Trump will bring back coal. Recently, they were given the opportunity to learn a new trade for free. What could any unemployed person desire more than that? We are never too old to learn and to start a new career. However, Trump convinced all of them not to bother. They saw no need. According to our president, coal will become a popular source of energy again.

Ironically, his ‘bring back the coal’ promise was also uttered to gain votes. It did the trick. With his shallow coal promise, Trump was able to take a lot of areas that Obama won. Trump devoted much of his campaign to persuading unemployed coal miners that, if elected, Trump would bring back coal. This was another preposterous promise. How would the president force companies to spend more money in production costs, by using coal as opposed to natural gas? There wasn’t a chance in hell that even Houdini Trump could pull that one off.

If you voted for Trump and you aren’t uber-wealthy, you were fooled. Please check with me, before you cast your vote in ’20.