Supporters that once filled Trump rallies, are starting to realize that they were tricked. Trump shocked the world by winning the presidency. He was considered the least qualified candidate in American history. He beat Hillary Clinton, who was considered the most qualified candidate in American history. However, after we analyze his victory, no one should be that shocked. First, Trump pinpointed the most despondent and desperate demographics in the country. And then, one by one, he fed them campaign promises that he knew he couldn’t fulfill. Trump gave hope to the poorest and most desperate people in the country.

Now, it turns out, he was just spoon-feeding his supporters lies.

Coal country was a region saturated with broken hope. When natural gas replaced coal, and the coal mines shut down, thousands of people became unemployed. Natural gas is more efficient, cheaper and cleaner to use than coal. Trump knew that coal would never be used in our nation’s industries again however, he saw an abundance of votes he could steal. The saddest part of the election, was how Trump injected hope into all these desperate people, by assuring them that, if elected, he would bring back coal.

You know what bringing back coal would entail? He’d have to force our nation’s factories to use coal over gas, although it costs more and it is more harmful to the environment. I wrote a bunch of articles about Trump’s exploitation of our nation’s vulnerable. This one really typifies the extent of Trump’s foolery. Unemployed coal miners that supported Trump, were so confident that he was going to bring back coal, when given the opportunity to learn a new field, they refused.

Yesterday, a federal energy regulator rejected a proposed rule that was set to help the coal industry compete with cheaper natural gas. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner declared the rule gave preferential treatment to coal without providing evidence that the results would be warranted. The decision is something of a dead end for the coal industry. NPR

Another group of supporters that Trump suffocated with false hope, are the anti-immigration activists. During the campaign, Trump assured these voters that, if elected, he would kick out Hispanics and Muslims from the country. Many of these anti-immigration voters lost blue collar jobs to cheaper illegal labor. Trump gave these people hope that, when president, he would kick all these immigrants out. As a result, Trump would get all of their jobs back.

The first year of Trump’s presidency, all attempts to kick out these ethnic groups have been squandered at the judge’s gavel. The last morsels of hope that anti-immigrant activist had was dashed against the rocks yesterday, during a televised immigration meeting, when Trump seemed to endorse a path to citizenship for millions of illegals. He actually said that he was willing to “take the heat” politically, for enforcing immigration laws that may contradict his earlier views! NYTimes

Trump’s tax bill, his single legislative victory, is a massive slap in the face to anyone that voted for him, that doesn’t make less than $1 million. For starters, Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class are small and are only temporary. But the tax cuts for himself, his family, and his uber wealthy buddies are immense. Which should shock his supporters considering he campaigned on raising the taxes of the wealthy.

Trump: My tax plan is ‘going to cost me a fortune’ – Politico – 2015

Trump: I Believe In Raising Taxes on the Wealthy, “Including Myself” – Real Clear Politics – 2016

Trump wants to raise minimum wage, taxes on wealthy – NY Post – 2016

Donald Trump: Tax the rich more – CNN – 2015

But when they put that tax bill on his desk, I guess Trump was possessed, or something.

With a litany of polished lies, Trump fooled America. For a year or two, at least Trump gave these unemployed coal miners and farmers a little hope. Sadly, it will not be so easy for them to learn a new trade. The damage with Trump’s presidency goes far beyond his lies. My article from yesterday, about Betsy Devos, the Trump appointed Secretary of the Department of Education, has devoted her life to abolishing public education. Before gaining her job, she was the nation’s biggest proponent for charter schools. Trump knowingly lied to these unemployed people about a job they would never have. He also made it more difficult for them to get trained in a new industry.