Trump became president by promising (uneducated and unemployed) Americans, that he was going to drain the swamps. Remember that one? Remember how excited his minions got every time he mentioned that promise? The only way Trump, who had never held an elected office, could become president, was by conniving his supporters that he would be different from past republican presidents. He had no political experience, but Trump convinced his reporters, America needed a guy like him. However, according to a study by nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, lobbying activity has soared to its highest level since 2010, USAToday. Big companies are funneling millions of dollars to politicians. This the exact swamp, Trump promised to drain.

Republican voters had really gotten douched by previous republican politicians. Every election they were promised the sun and the moon, but got nothing. Once elected, the only thing republican politicians cared about was helping their wealthy friends. Republican voters were sick of being lied to. Maybe they needed a guy like Trump. Trump was going to drain the murky Washington swamps. According to Trump supporters during the campaign, Trump couldn’t be corrupted cause he had so much money.

That logic has more holes in it than a chunk of Swiss cheese.

Turns out, Trump didn’t drain the swamps. In fact, in the first one hundred days, political analysts say that Trump’s presidency could be the most corrupted in American history.

The Trump presidency: On track to becoming the most corrupt in U.S. history?

The point of corruption is that it is not detected. All we can go by is how much companies are spending, and the policies being enforced. For example, law makers have been crafting legislation to deal with online advertising. Coincidentally, Google spent a record $18 million in lobbying costs last year, USAToday. This amount is the most Google has ever spent in lobbying. Does one have anything to do with the other? I’m sure Washington could have produced legislation regarding online advertising that would cost Google much more than $18 million.

His entire family was trying to cash in on their father’s position. A week after Trump was elected, his daughter Ivanka actually auctioned off a date with her. I was so disgusted, I wrote an article about it.

Every aspect of this presidency is corrupt. Everything. For the first time in American history, you can hob nob with the president for a small price. New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-a-lago only cost $750. His hotel prices soared once he became president. Trump was planning on draining every penny possible from his position. Trump wanted the world to know, if you stayed in his exorbitantly over priced hotel suite, you would earn special privileges. Makes you wonder why did he run for president? Was it to help our country, or to fatten his wallet? Judging by the amount of money the Trumps have made so far, that is a tricky question.

Trump might have expected all of his hotels to suddenly be filled up every night. Unfortunately for Trump, it didn’t work out like that.

The average rate of the most expensive rooms in Trump hotels has decreased 25 percent since last January, according to a study of 11 Trump-branded properties conducted by FairFX Group Plc, a U.K.-based provider of currency services for travelers. Rates for lower-end rooms took an even bigger hit, falling 35 percent, the study showed. Fortune