President Trump watches a lot of television. According to him, his favorite show is Fox News morning Fox & Friends. Trump tweeted a few weeks ago that Fox & Friends “is the most powerful TV show in America.”

According to LATimes, Fox & Friends is cable’s top morning show. This shouldn’t be much of a shock, considering the president is constantly trying to boost it’s ratings. Never before in our nation’s history, has the president and a specific TV show been such vile bed buddies.

Granted, compared to the other shows on the Fox “News” Network, Fox & Friends isn’t that bad. Fox is a joke, F&F is just another turd in a kitty litter. Like when Megyn Kelly said,

“For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white. But this person is maybe just arguing that we should also have a black Santa. But, you know, Santa is what he is.”

Or when Bill O’Reilly told a grieving child of a 9-11 victim to shut up.

Or when Bob Beckel tried to persuade his viewers that rape does not occur on college campuses.

Or when Bill O’Reilly said this,

“If the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it’s clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again, all right?”

Or when Sean Hannity said this,

“Halloween is a liberal holiday because we’re teaching our children to beg for something for free. … We’re teaching kids to knock on other people’s doors and ask for a handout.”

If you know anything about our president though, you know that Trump isn’t going to say a good thing about his mother, if she isn’t showering him with praise as well. Fox & Friends describes the president as if he could walk on water. CNN’s Reliable Source’s host Brian Stelter went so bold as to call F&F a Trump infomercial. Deadline

I can only manage to watch small pieces of the mindless show. The one good thing about F&F though, is that the cast does have some beautiful women. But let’s face it, that is why God gave us Skine-max. I don’t need to admire hot women while watching the morning news. Unless, of course the morning news doesn’t reflect the news accurately. If I have to watch that show though, I guess hot women will make it more bearable.

As hot as they may be, when they open their mouths, a level headed spectator will question if she has anything of merit to say. This only reinforces my accusations, that the show offers no substantive thought. The show is not supposed to be informative rather, very shallow. I couldn’t list a single reason as to why someone would watch the show, other than catching a glimpse of cleavage.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. President Trump is the by far the most offensive president we have ever had. In addition, television shows rely on advertising. So not only does Fox & Friends constantly praise the same president who has tried to kick religious and ethnic groups from our country, but they manage to be the top rated morning show at the same time. Very admirable!

I watched F&F this morning. They discussed Trump’s immigration discussions from yesterday. Astonishingly, during these meetings, Trump entertained granting citizenship to thousands of immigrants. He also said on camera that he would sign anything, either democratic or republican, placed in front of him. F&F didn’t mention any of that. Instead they praised his leadership skills, and how his oratory skills allowed him to control the meeting.

Considering this is the number one morning show, I’m sure many republicans only heard the F&F glowing reviews of Trump’s performance in the immigration meetings. These republicans will be entirely oblivious to the real news of the meeting, in which Trump’s endorsement of immigratiom caused the republican world to explode. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows told HuffPost on Tuesday, it would be one of the few ways by which Trump “could lose the conservative base.”

On Aug. 18, F&F attempted to justify Trump’s flagrantly disgusting reaction to the Charlottesville murder. Trump placed equal blame among those protesting white supremacists, and the white supremacists that wound up killing a protester. Here’s how they did it,

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): I think the president nailed it. He condemned in the strongest possible terms hatred and bigotry on all sides as opposed to immediately picking a side out the gate. He saluted the police specifically for what they did. That was even before those two officers lost their lives through an accident with the helicopter. And then, this line to me is so important.


He said, “We are all Americans first.” And you hear the slogan, “America first,” but what does that mean if you are America first? It means you’re not a racial identity first. You’re not a class first. You’re not a gender first. You’re not a sexual orientation first. You’re not another country first. It’s not multiculturalism first. It’s America first. And if we see ourselves through that lens, then it unites us as opposed to dividing us, which, frankly, the left and others have done for so long by saying, no, I see you as a gender or a race or a class, and the Balkanization creates division. We love our country. We love our god. We love our flag. And we are proud of our country. That to me is a unifying message that people should be drawn to as opposed to criticize. ……….


HEGSETH: Just putting out that [Anti-Facists], though, also ought be called out. Just like the violent aspects of Black Lives Matter ought be called out.

I wonder what was playing during the commercial breaks on F&F that day. What company would actually endorse the justification of white supremacy?

How about when Trump chose F&F anchor Ainsley Earhardt to conduct an exclusive interview with him and Melania at the White House? After they played a few rounds of Candy Land, and she asked him brainless questions about how Melania is coping with the move, she popped the question.

 You said you didn’t tape James Comey. Do you want to explain that? Why did you want him to believe that you possibly did that?”

OMG!!! Could there actually be a real journalist beneath those puddles of silicone, mascara and hair spray?

Trump’s response was long, but ultimately he said nothing.

….So you never know what’s out there, but I didn’t tape and I don’t have any tape and I didn’t tape. But when he found out that there maybe are tapes out there, whether it’s governmental tapes or anything else or who knows, I think his story may have changed. I mean, you’ll have to look into that because then he’ll have to tell what actually took place at the events. And my story didn’t change….”.

Earhardt’s response took the cake though,

It was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest in those hearings.”

Hmmm….if you support Trump, you wouldn’t be commending anything regarding his decision to fire Comey? I get it, that the two have an amazing relationship, and that all they do is compliment each other, but good God! Trump’s firing of Comey, who was investigating him, was a glaring attempt to obstruct justice. Not only was it stupid to fire Comey, but the firing gives Mueller the easiest route of taking Trump down.  Trump could be impeached and locked up for obstructing justice, or as F&F calls it, a “smart move”.

I keep trying to play the devil’s advocate. Is it possible to find something good about Fox & Friends, other than cleavage? I don’t feel right, just making fun of them. Kind of like how an adult wouldn’t feel right making fun of a kid in elementary school.

Perhaps, we are on to something. If it is wrong to make fun of someone stupid, would it be better to lie to that stupid person to make them feel smarter?

Generally, the demographics that watches F&F are uneducated. They may feel confused and even a little intimidated by watching Morning Joe or CNN’s New Day. What makes a dumb person feel smart? Watching a group of morons picking their ears and talking about their favorite cuisines and their favorite colors. We finally discovered one very important social function of Fox & Friends. It makes stupid people feel smarter.

If Donald Trump really wants to get his news from Romper Room, so be it. The only one who gets douched is the president. A few days ago, for example, he was tweeting what he was watching on F&F. At the time, they were mortified about a report from The Daily Caller, in which Hillary’s former aide, Huma Abedin, allowed her email to be hacked by some foreign entity.

No, this is not deja vu. The story might sound familiar, because it actually broke in 2009. They might as well have reported that Bea Arthur died, cause those two stories happened about the same time. But for some reason, The Daily Caller, and then Fox & Friends, and then our president ran the big story. My guess, is that there was a lack of juicy democratic dirt that day, Trofire.

Trump gets all out of shape, and starts tweeting about how Huma needs to be investigated. He threw former FBI head James Comey in there also. Why not?

Stupid is as stupid does.