Funny to see how quickly this Secret Society rumor ran out of gas. Literally, within a matter of hours it went from Fox main story to Republican Senator Ron Johnson admitting it was just a joke. If we can take a step back though, the Democratic Secret Society illuminates why the Republican party is pathetic. Their most effective talking points are weird and creepy rumors that are dismissed hours after they start.

Imagine if democrats made up these stupid conspiracy theories that get debunked within a day. I would be so embarrassed. What fools!

Essentially, when a group try to spread these baseless and ludicrous rumors, their goal is to divide and distract. There is no other reason to make up these claims. As a result, people should be suspicious of the republican party. If you are innocent, you don’t run around trying to thwart the attention on someone else.

It all began when two staunch republican politicians Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe presented this snippet of a text conversation between two FBI agents, on Fox Hannity television show. “Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.”

Anyone who read the entire conversation could clearly see that the FBI intended that to be a joke. Of course, these two republicans knew that. They purposely led their minions on a wild goose chase.

Fox News is the fundamental culprit. The Murdoch family owns Fox. Rupert Murdoch is from Australia. He has absolutely no allegiance to the republican party. All he cares about are the profit margins generated by Fox. He does this by flaunting these sensational pieces to his audience. The Fox audience loves these pieces. Undoubtedly, the thought of this secret democratic society made all of their toes curl.

That is the problem with the power Fox has over the republican party. To think that the number one “news” channel in the country is nothing more than a cheerleader for republicans, sounds great for republicans. Republicans have an efficient vehicle to spread their propaganda to America. However, problems like the secret society arise. A sensational story that has absolutely no truth is able to spread across the country in a matter of minutes. Fox succeeded in producing a story that had their audience glued to the television for 48 hours. Essentially, Fox made the republicans look like morons.

But Gowdy and Ratcliffe are just doing harm to their party. Stupid middle school pranks like this, just make republicans look like fools. TheWeek

As Fox News and many republicans tried so hard to convince us, that some cabal-formed secret society was really trying to take down Trump, there are so many factors that just don’t jive. You’d think Fox News would want to protect their sacred Republican party from the immense humiliation. Fox doesn’t care about republicans. And they shouldn’t.

For starters, how many people and agencies of the government would have to be down with this secret mission? Don’t forget republicans destroyed democrats last election. So not only would a tremendous amount of politicians be participating in this secret society trying to overthrow the republican president, but many of them would be republican politicians. In essence, any sucker that believed these rumors, thought a group of republican politicians were trying to overthrow the republican president.

Imagine if democrats accused republicans of forming some secret society when a republican said something bad about Obama.