The day will come when Donald Trump leaves office. Most, if not all of Trump’s lunacy will be reversed. However, his Supreme Court Justice pick will besmirch America for a generation. Our political system is serves only the very wealthy, ignoring everyone else. That is not a democracy. The real kicker is that Supreme Court pick belonged to Obama. Had republicans adhered to the political norms followed our country’s entire history, or had Russia not stolen the election out of Hillary’s hands, Trump’s contamination would have lasted shorter than his shitty television show. The Supreme Court just blocked North Carolina’s attempt to wiggle out of their biased gerrymandering. In other words, the Supreme Court blocked North Carolina’s attempt at making their elections represent their state’s demographics accordingly.

Republicans’ future is very bleak. Every immigrant that enters the country is a democratic vote. Everyday they arrive in droves. In addition, our society becomes increasingly more liberal. Gay marriage and drug legalization never would have happened ten years ago. During the election, I wrote tons of articles about how dead the republican party was, 123456. The fact that Donald Trump, the absolute antithesis of our perception of a republican, earned the nomination, just shows how betrayed the republican voter felt towards republican politicians.

Why should they vote for a republican politician? Time after time, republican politicians promise the world, and then once in office, only deliver for the top 1%. Republicans are the party of money. The voice of money always resonates much louder than anything else. However, the top 1% is only 1% of the vote. How do republicans get the rest of their votes? Republicans must rely on stealing elections if they want to win at all. Just look at the ’16 presidential election. No one could argue that if Russia wasn’t so determined in smearing Hillary, perhaps we wouldn’t have Trump.

Gerrymandering is an effective way to reallocate congressional districts, to give an advantage to one political party. In 1964, the Supreme Court ruled that gerrymandering violated the constitution. The Supreme Court in 1964 ruled that districts should be drawn according to population. However, the Supreme Court has never struck down a voting map as unconstitutional gerrymander.

About a week ago republican corruption was dealt a severe blow, when a panel of federal judges demanded that North Carolina redraw their districts. As it is, the map clearly benefits republicans. Representative David Lewis designed the map and he said,

I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country.” NYTimes

Gerrymandering is the saving grace for republicans in North Carolina. In 2016, for example, North Carolina republicans won 53% of the state vote. However, they also won 10 of 13 congressional districts, NYTimes. Clearly, with North Carolina’s election map drawn up as it is, the voice of the minority is ignored on election day.

Finally, the legal system was working to deliver America back to the people. This egregious violation of everything America stands for was so outrageous that the panel of judges demanded the vote of North Carolina represent it’s people better.

Republicans were devastated by court’s decision. All those money interests would lose a lot of cash, if North Carolina’s map better represented it’s people. But then a few nights ago, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the North Carolina trial court’s decision. The stay means that the upcoming mid-term election will be according to the map that Rep. David Lewis drew up.

This is terrifying for any American that values democracy. The Supreme Court, the highest word in the land, is supporting gerrymandering. To ensure republicans maintain their advantage next election, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the state judge’s gerrymandering ban, until the republican state government can devise a new map. No deadlines. This means, republicans can take their time.